LETTER: Camp Parkway fiasco

Published 5:46 am Thursday, August 10, 2023

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To the Editor:

I read (the July 26) article in The Tidewater News (“Camp Parkway sold for $11.4 million”) concerning the recent sale of 435 acres of land along Camp Parkway with great interest. Congratulations to Titus Mohler for digging into the morass in order to identify the people who bought it. The total price reported was 11.4 million dollars. That is in excess of $26,000 per acre. That is a pretty good sum considering the size of the parcel. 

Let me tell you this; I am a country boy and I used to track wild animals in the snow during hunting season when I was a young man. I can identify the tracks left by many animals. I also know that if you follow those tracks long enough you will eventually find the animal that made the tracks.

As I read the article I could see the tracks of an individual intent on doing something illegal regarding the focused transaction. I could see the tracks of Hunter Biden as I read about the myriad of shell companies, holding companies and other ghost companies being used to befuddle and confuse most people outside of the transaction. It has been revealed to the public by many sources in the news media and whistleblowers, who have come forward out of the Internal Revenue Service and, under oath, have testified concerning Hunter Biden’s use of many shell companies to confuse and shield the source of his income. No one has asked Hunter, under oath; just what product or service does he provide to justify his multi-million dollar income that he shares with his dad, President Joe Biden. I would not be surprised that if an investigator dug deep enough into the companies listed in today’s article, they might find that the Bidens might have controlling interest in at least one of them. A lot of Hunter’s income originates in China, the Chinese Communist Party; it is vague and hard to follow tracks, like this, that he helps the Chinese accomplish their goals.

As far as our local Supervisors and Planners, I am disappointed in them. They did not ask enough questions at the time when it counted. I thank Alan Edwards for being alert enough to smell the rot. Everyone else who had the responsibility to make a difference were simply cuckolded. Now, evidently we have to live with the deal, unless someone is sharp enough mentally to do the same thing to this deal that the judge did recently to Hunter Biden’s sweetheart deal regarding his unpaid taxes and illegally purchased gun.

J. Edward Howell Jr.

Southampton County