Often Overlooked Characteristics of Great Nurses

Published 10:49 am Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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Nursing is a rewarding and fast-paced career that requires a unique set of skills. It’s also one that is often overlooked as a viable option for many people looking for the right career path to choose. If you are unsure about which career to choose, or have some doubt and feel like you picked the wrong profession, you are in the right place. This article will provide an overview of the skills that could be useful for starting a nursing career. From having attention to detail to the capacity to work under pressure, the article looks at the skills that are ideal for the nursing profession. You may realize you are just the right person for a career in nursing.

Communication and Compassion

One of the main skills to take into account is the ability to communicate. Nurses must be able to communicate effectively, not only with patients, but also with families, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. They must have excellent ability to listen and ask questions to provide clear and concise information on cases and to their patients. Even if you never considered the option of nursing as a career choice, you can now reflect on your communicative abilities to find out whether you’d be a good fit or not.


Having compassion is another important quality to take into consideration when thinking about the ideal nurse. A nurse must be compassionate and empathetic towards their patients and everyone else involved. They must be able to provide some level of emotional support to comfort patients and families in difficult times. If you have an innate ability to show compassion to others, you are suitable for a career in nursing. It’s important to remind yourself that a quality like compassion is not one that everyone has.

Attention to Detail and Critical Thinking

Paying attention to detail is fundamental in this profession, as the goal is to ensure the best possible care for patients. This skill is constantly used within the profession of nursing, as many things must be observed in detail and performed to precision. Doctors are often seen as the ones who need to be extremely precise, but nurses must also ensure complete accuracy and thoroughness on many different occasions. If you are careful about keeping details and are able to do and follow events accurately in anything you are involved in, then nursing could be the right career path for you.


Critical thinking involves things like the ability to make quick decisions even in high-pressure situations. This is extremely important in the profession of nursing, as nurses must be able to analyze information and use their judgment to determine the best course of action, even in complex and multilayered situations. If you see yourself with even a bit of such ability, or are willing to open yourself to acquiring such skills, then you could consider starting with nursing programs like the ABSN programs in Virginia for example, to have a well-rounded education and training that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running as a qualified nurse.

Problem Solving and Technical Skills

Problem-solving is of core importance when talking about the profession of nursing. Nurses must be able to think creatively and use their knowledge and experience to solve complex problems, often involving different parties. Applying your problem-solving skills to your everyday life makes you ideal for a career in nursing.


Similarly, technical skills are useful for nurses who are trained to have a strong understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. Nurses must be able to use medical equipment and technology to provide the best possible care to their patients, but also to make sure to stay constantly up-to-date with the newest technological advancements in the field. 


Technical skills are also important in the field of IT and related technology, where nurses must be able to operate medical devices and be familiar with what is happening when such devices are being used.


If you have a good understanding of these subject areas, you could be a great addition to the world of healthcare as a proficient nurse. 


The good news is, nursing education and training with its clinical practice component, ensure students are made abreast of the advances technology is making in the medical and healthcare field in general, and the particular applications to nursing and patient care.