LETTER: Our nation is no longer a sovereign nation

Published 6:28 pm Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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To the Editor:

We have seen our southern and northern borders violated by masses of illegal immigrants (aliens) every day since Joe Biden has been president. They have been dispersed across the country by Non-Governmental Agencies, at taxpayers’ expense, and no one can document who they are or where they are now. There is mounting evidence that President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, are being compensated by foreign governments for services that we do not know or understand. Republican chaired committees in Congress are desperately attempting to investigate this allegation, but are being met with opposition from the government establishment. It seems to the average citizen that a great majority of politicians seem to be on the take. Who is honest and who is not?

In recent months, it has also been disclosed by Fox News and other media outlets, that the Chinese have bought almost a half million acres of our prime mid-western farmland. Bill Gates, the Microsoft mogul, has also been the buyer of a huge number of acres of farmland. Is he also buying it for the Chinese as a straw buyer? He also needs to be investigated.

When the Chinese company bought Smithfield Foods I thought it was a bad deal, I still think so. Now I understand a Chinese company has bought land near Hunterdale that Cliff Cutchins once owned. Remember all those Holstein cows (black and white) in the pasture near Isaac? Remember that big old dairy barn that was there? It was built by Mr. Wagenbach, Jimmy Wagenbach’s and Dean Wagenbach’s dad. Years ago, the Camp family needed dairy barns built, no local carpenter knew how to construct that herringbone type barn, so they went to Wisconsin and brought Mr. Wagenbach back to build several barns in the local area, including this one on Mr. Cecil Vaughan’s and Cliff Cutchin’s farm. It was such a pristine setting. Now, who knows what will be put there? There is approximately four hundred acres in that parcel.

I am concerned that any of our representatives, whether national, state or local, would ever, even consider allowing our land to be sold to a foreign country or individual! It is mind blowing to even think about it. I wonder how much land you or I could buy in China?

Jimmy Howell 

Southampton County