Windsor seeks applicants for Planning Commission

Published 5:38 pm Wednesday, July 26, 2023

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An opportunity for a Windsor resident to serve the town has come about due to a recent vacancy on the Windsor Planning Commission.

“A resignation has created a vacant position on the Planning Commission,” Town Manager William Saunders said during the Windsor Town Council meeting on July 11. “Jesse Taylor has resigned his position on the Planning Commission due to the demands of his time from his work and home life.”

Saunders noted that an appointee is required to fill the unexpired term, and this particular term expires Dec. 31, 2026.

When there is business to address, the Windsor Planning Commission meets monthly, with the exception of December. Meetings are held at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays, and typically it is the fourth Wednesday of the month, except in November when the commission is set to meet on the third Wednesday. 

The Planning Commission’s by-laws require that members of the commission be town residents, and full terms for members are four years long.

As noted in a town document found within the Town Council’s July 11 meeting packet, desired qualities that the town is looking for in a Planning Commission member include someone who has a desire to serve the community, someone who is involved with the community, and someone whose place of residence within the town aids in fulfilling the goal of having a commission with members whose residences are evenly distributed across the town.

With a full complement, the Windsor Planning Commission features seven members. Currently serving on the commission are Chairman Leonard L. Marshall, David Adams, G. Devon Hewitt, Dale Scott, Ricky Vaughan and Larissa Williams.

At the July 11 Town Council meeting, Saunders noted that he was looking for the council’s input on how it would like to conduct the search for applicants.

Vice Mayor J. Randy Carr said, “Does anyone on the Planning Commission have anyone in mind that they would like to come aboard?”

“Not that’s been brought to my attention,” Saunders replied.

Councilman Walter Bernacki said, “Maybe put out the call and just ask (interested town residents) to submit a resumé or just some qualifications, that way at least we’ve got a little bit of a feel for background, or if they’ve served somewhere before, it’ll help us with information to make a good decision on appointing somebody.”

An announcement was placed on the town of Windsor’s website ( on July 13, inviting town residents who may be interested in filling the vacant Planning Commission seat to complete and submit a Talent Bank Form to the town for consideration.

Among the information the form requests town residents to provide is their educational background; their civic activities, including any offices held and honors received; availability of their time to devote to the role of commissioner; their current and previous employment details; any special items that might qualify them for this appointment; and an explanation of why they are interested in serving as a member of the Planning Commission.

The announcement on the town website includes a link to a Talent Bank Form, and it also notes that a hard copy of the form can be obtained at Windsor Town Hall, which is located at 8 E. Windsor Blvd.

Completed Talent Bank Forms can be hand-delivered or mailed to the Town of Windsor, 8 E. Windsor Blvd., P.O. Box 307, Windsor, VA 23487 or emailed to 

The website announcement also noted that submissions must be received by close of business Monday, Aug. 7, for consideration.