LETTER: Blackwater Park, reflections and thanks

Published 5:19 pm Thursday, April 13, 2023

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To the Editor:

Twice now I have walked the length of Blackwater Park. It is lovely in the morning, sharing the space with just a few others. Walking under the magnificent log gateway and down the path dozens of newly launched dragonflies, golden wings simmering, greeted me where the sun was already becoming intense. Further on there was shade, and resting places where I could sit and look down into the swamp with its shallow waters and spring grasses under the trees, a rich variety of beech, hickory, tupelo, and dogwood in the upper reaches. The path, perhaps three quarters of a mile, makes a nice round trip walk.

The boardwalk is not for walking with purpose, but for contemplation and quiet enjoyment. Listening and watching, waiting for a slight movement in the wet ground or water, hoping to hear a bird. I heard just a few birds, and stillness below. It is a delight to be surrounded by the trees with their wide moss covered trunks, the older trees grown into fanciful shapes and hollowed out spaces at their base. I could not venture onto Turkey Island, as turkey’s need privacy in the spring.

How fortunate to have this new addition to our city, created through the hard work and financial generosity of many people and organizations. Here for our enjoyment, to respect and care for; to enjoy through the changing seasons.

Nancy Stutts