Boykins Town Council aims to clean up town

Published 10:48 pm Monday, March 20, 2023

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The Boykins Town Council continued its discussion on code and zoning enforcement at its February meeting, specifically looking to promote property cleanliness.

Victoria Edwards

Town Clerk/Treasurer Victoria Edwards shared details from the Feb. 14 meeting but also noted that town code and zoning enforcement has been a topic of discussion for council members since before the election.

She said they have instructed Town Sgt. George Brozzo to pursue code violations, enforcing the punishments associated with them.

“Citizens were notified with a flier in November 2022 during the town’s ‘Community Clean-Up Day Project’ and the January town newsletter that code enforcement was going to be actively pursued this term with special focus on town codes that promoted property cleanliness,” Edwards stated.

She quoted the newsletter, which described the Town Council as “a united front this term when it comes to code enforcement.

“They are adopting a little-to-zero-tolerance policy for violators of town code, especially 50.35 Cleanliness of Premises, Weeds, Foreign Growth Abatement and Prevention of Blight of Property Required, among other codes that promote cleanliness such as Code Chapter 93.”

The newsletter then provided a small excerpt of Town Code 50.35. Section A states, “It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit or cause to be deposited on any public thoroughfare, lot, or premises in the town, or permit to be deposited upon his premises or any premises contiguous thereto any animal carcass, garbage, rubbish, tree trimmings, litter, bulky wastes from garden or trade, or any other unsightly, injurious or offensive waste of any kind. In addition, it shall be unlawful for any person to place or leave for over ten (10) days any items not designed or intended for exterior use on any open porch, deck, steps or any exterior part of the structure or on the lawn; said items include, but are not limited to, upholstered furniture, appliances, tires and machinery.”

Edwards noted that the full code can be found at the town office, and it will soon be on the town website —


  • Edwards stated that on behalf of a couple of town citizens, she asked the council if it would consider exempting disabled veterans from the town garbage fee.

“It was declined as the garbage fee helps promote cleanliness of properties in town,” she said.

  • Edwards said a dedication ceremony will be planned for the new town shop, which replaces the old shop that was destroyed in a fire in May 2020.
  • Edwards noted that Councilman Chet Poland asked the council and mayor at the council’s January meeting to update the town’s job description for its Public Works positions. Workshop meetings with Mayor Jackie Robertson and Poland took place in early February to begin the updating process. 

“No final description has been approved yet,” Edwards said.