LETTER: Chinese spy balloon gets guided tour

Published 9:33 pm Thursday, March 2, 2023

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To the Editor:

After watching that brilliant orb move across the entire United States of America last week, all the while knowing that it was a Chinese spy balloon, we have to question the motive of our government as to why it was NOT taken down before the intrusion into our nation’s airspace.

To add insult to injury, our military leaders provided a guided tour commentary to the Chinese Communist government as to what sensitive areas they were slowly floating over. 

We have seen our government leaders ignore the sovereignty of our nation by allowing immigrants to illegally flood into our country by the millions at our southern border. Many come in as “got a ways” who never even are contacted by our border police. 

Now we see this violation of our national airspace being tolerated and permitted by our highest military leaders. What is actually occurring? Are our President and his appointed co-horts working to protect the United States citizens or are they acting in accordance with directives from the CCP? This is a legitimate question because we know that Joe Biden has been compromised by the money being received by his son, Hunter, from China and from Russian oligarchs. The public has seen the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The public has heard the testimony of Mr. Bobulinski, one of Hunter’s business partners, so the public has a right to suspect some treachery from the aforementioned leaders.

Why was the spy balloon not taken down earlier? There has been no reasonable answer given. One excuse was that shooting it down might cause civilian injury by falling debris. Let me ask you this, if they had to confine the shooting down to a 12 mile area of ocean, after it had made a successful trip across the continental U. S., are we to understand that they could not find 12 miles of open country in Montana or before to bring it down? Another thing, they did not have to use an explosive missile to bring it down, they could have let the fighter planes use regular non-tracer bullets or shells to punch holes in the balloon to slowly release the hydrogen gas so that it would slowly descend and then we could have saved the onboard equipment for investigation. It was a large target so I am sure they could have done that easily.

We have to ask the question, “Do we have competent leaders now in Washington, D.C.?”

I still find it hard to believe that I heard important government people, on the air, give a running commentary as to what sensitive areas the balloon was photographing. This really made the Chinese Communists job easy.

J. Edward Howell Jr.

Southampton County