COLUMN: New Year’s Resolution for 2023: See Your Primary Care Doctor

Published 10:31 am Tuesday, January 3, 2023

About 23% of Americans wanted to start 2022 by living healthier, which was the most popular New Year’s resolution, according to, a provider of market and consumer data. With the arrival of 2023 will come more resolutions for many in Franklin City and Southampton County to live healthier.

As we enter 2023 and face the opportunities for change offered by a new year, consider a resolution that helps you support your health now and for years to come. If the pandemic and this current flu season have taught us anything, our health and well-being are more important than ever. 

Bon Secours recently completed its annual Community Health Needs Assessment, a survey of community stakeholders on the important factors impacting health care in our region. We found that respondents identified annual checkups, health screenings, immunizations, exercise, and healthy eating as top factors for health maintenance. A primary care physician can help you manage these factors impacting your general health as well as screen for diseases.

What will it be in 2023 – Exercising more? Quitting smoking? Try resolving to see your primary care provider this year. While it might not be the trendiest resolution, building a trusting relationship with a doctor is an act of self-care that’s an investment in your future health.

Even the most well-intentioned resolutions can easily slip from memory. Perhaps the best way to prevent that from happening and to be healthier in 2023 is to act now to work with your primary care provider. 

Dr. Pamela Reiser works at Franklin Internal Medicine and is board certified in both Family and Geriatric Medicine at Bon Secours Southampton Medical Center.