Riverdale memorializes Ja’Var and Brennan

Published 6:59 pm Sunday, December 11, 2022

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Pre-K through second-grade students at Riverdale Elementary School will have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor basketball and soccer/kickball equipment during recess, in memory of their classmates who passed away during the last school year.

“What better way to remember our students, Ja’Var Banks Jr. and Brennan Brozzo, than to dedicate something that they enjoyed so much,” RES officials said in a school news release. “When (our pre-K through second-grade students) play, they will play with Ja’Var and Brennan on their minds and in their hearts.”

On Friday morning, Sept. 9, the second graders and families of Ja’Var and Brennan came together for a ribbon cutting. 

“It was a beautiful morning as the warm sun shined and a calming breeze accompanied us,” school officials said.

As the ceremony started, Mrs. Keech, Brennan’s first-grade teacher, shared that one of the students looked up and pointed out a heart-shaped cloud in the sky. 

“Both families appreciated the way their children were memorialized and thought it was an amazing way to kick off the start of a new school year and add fun to their recess time,” school officials said.