Plan offered to Southampton County residents struggling to pay taxes

Published 12:05 am Friday, December 2, 2022

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The Southampton County Board of Supervisors led an extended discussion during its Nov. 22 meeting to determine what could be done to help provide relief to county citizens struggling to make ends meet in the face of increased personal property taxes.

Cynthia J. Edwards

It was determined that the short-term options were limited, but Jerusalem District Supervisor and Board Chair Dr. Alan W. Edwards instructed County Treasurer Cynthia J. Edwards to work with county citizens as best she could to alleviate some of the burden during the holidays.

In response, the treasurer released a statement that she is offering payment plans to assist those who are not able to pay their 2022 taxes in full by the due date of Monday, Dec. 5. 

She included with this announcement several important reminders.

“Please be reminded that a payment plan will not stop you from receiving a one-time late penalty; and, it will not stop interest from accruing on the remaining balance the first day of each month,” she stated. “By making a payment plan and making your payments on time, you will be relieved of having your taxes and/or fees sent to collections.” 

She asked county citizens to please note that if they owe past due taxes, those taxes must be paid prior to entering into a payment plan for 2022 taxes. 

Alan W. Edwards

“If you have already paid your taxes for 2022, you are encouraged to start making pre-payments on your 2023 taxes, as this will lessen the burden on Dec. 5, 2023,” she stated.

During the Nov. 22 meeting, Southampton County Commissioner of the Revenue Amy B. Carr and the treasurer were among those who spoke to the board, citizens in attendance and those watching over the livestream of the meeting provided at by Swagit Productions LLC.

The board chair said, “We’re in tough times. We’re just going to have to work together. This board up here and our people in the constitutional offices who have talked to you tonight are willing to work with you. We’re in the same boat. We care about you, and we don’t want any more due hardship than everybody in this country is going to have to suffer for the next two years or whatever it is.”