LETTER: Protect your cats and small animals

Published 9:53 pm Thursday, November 24, 2022

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To the Editor:

Well folks it’s that time of year again. Hunting season is just around the corner, which starts in November and runs through January. You will start seeing hunters, trucks, and dogs all up and down the highways parked everywhere. Hunters will be at stores getting food and drinks and then going back to park and sit in their trucks while their dogs are in the woods or crossing the busy highways and some getting hit and killed.

Why is it that these hunters cannot go to the woods or deep woods to hunt like real hunters use to do? These hunters are out in the mornings before daylight and out in the woods at nights – I have heard shots after dark. How do these hunters know what they are shooting at? These hunters’ dogs are running thru the neighborhood and thru yards looking for prey.

Protect your cats and small animals by keeping them in your house during daylight hours if you can. I will be protecting mine. Hunters – if you are real hunters do the right thing, go to the real deep woods and not people’s neighborhoods. 

Robert Blythe

Southampton County