Windsor mayoral candidate Q&A: George Stubbs

Published 9:24 pm Sunday, October 30, 2022

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Name: George Stubbs

Age: 77

Education: High School Graduate, Attended College, Various Department of Defense schools

Occupation: Retired Project Zone Manager, NNSY 36 years

Years living in Windsor: 20 plus years

Prior elected offices held: Town Councilman

  1. Can you briefly summarize why you decided to run for office?

My decision to become a candidate for mayor was based on contact with several residents/citizens and business owners who encouraged me to run for the office of mayor for the Town of Windsor. I had originally announced I would not be a candidate for reelection for Town Council. After discussing what this commitment would require, with my wife, and a lot of prayer I made the decision to run for mayor.

  1. What would you list as your primary qualifications for this office?

I have served Windsor Town Government since 2005 on the Planning Commission, Economic Development Authority and Town Council. I have learned a lot during my tenure serving the town. I feel I have still more to learn. Working with Town Council members, town manager and town staff I believe I can perform the duties of mayor.

  1. What should Windsor’s top priority be right now?

We have several items we are working on, upgrading water lines. In one area it has been ongoing for some time. We have a committee that is looking into concerns with drainage issues in our town. Meetings have been held with all parties involved to determine the best course of action to pursue in correcting the drainage issue that has been identified. Cost being of concern to replace, repair existing drainage outlets in town.

  1. What’s one thing you’d like to see change in terms of Windsor’s town government?

I’m very satisfied with Windsor town government. At this time, I see no changes that need to be made.

  1. What can Windsor do to deter vandalism of its parks and facilities?

Encourage our residents/citizens to be more vigilant when they are near our parks and facilities. Report any defacing of town property to the WPD or town staff.

  1. Does Windsor need more growth and development? If so, how can the town help achieve this?

The Town of Windsor can support growth and development. At the same time, I feel we should manage growth and development to ensure we retain a rural setting. That is what has supported many of our new residents moving here.

  1. What can be done to improve community-police relations in Windsor in the wake of ongoing litigation pertaining to a 2020 traffic stop where two WPD officers held Army Lt. Caron Nazario at gunpoint and pepper-sprayed him?

I think community-police relations in Windsor are very strong. Serving on Town Council since 2019, I have had no resident bring to my attention any issues that have occurred with the WPD.