Franklin City Council Ward 5 candidate Q&A: Ricky L. Sykes

Published 10:46 pm Friday, October 21, 2022

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Franklin City Council – Ward 5 candidate

Name: Ricky L. Sykes

Age:  57

Family:  Wife – Shona Whitfield, and four children

Education:  Graduated from Franklin High School

Career:  Entrepreneur 

Why do you want to be elected as a member of the Franklin City Council?

I will work for the people and get things done in the community that should be getting done anyway. I think that our tax paying citizens deserve to have a City Council member who will work for them. I will make the citizens concerns my concerns.

What would you list as your primary qualification for being a city council member?

I feel my participation and involvement with so many activities, programs, and  community events have given me the experience of being a team player, respecting others opinions, understanding that there are different points of views and just because I may not agree, it doesn’t make the other person’s view wrong, being able to listen attentively, and being respectful to all people are all qualities that I possess that qualifies me to be a member of council.

What do you think are the city of Franklin’s greatest strengths?

People working together as a team.  

What do you think are the greatest challenges facing the city of Franklin?

People not being able to work together and the city’s increased debt.

If elected, what will be your leading priorities as a council member?

My leading priorities will be to ensure the City of Franklin is running efficiently, things are being done properly, and thinking of ways to grow the City of Franklin. 

How would you support fostering a relationship between the City Council and the Franklin City School Board?

The City Council and School Board should meet quarterly to have a better relationship.

What, if any, key improvements do you think need to be made to the city’s public education system, and if elected, what will you do to ensure those needed key improvements are made?

I think we need to hire experience and qualified teachers. I would be in agreement with council by ensuring the schools have the money and resources that are needed, to do so.