Franklin City Public Schools convocation engages with magic theme

Published 6:00 pm Monday, September 12, 2022

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Both new and returning Franklin City Public Schools personnel were welcomed to the 2022-23 school year in a magical way at the school division’s convocation. 

An FCPS news release noted that the event took place on the morning of Aug. 24 in Franklin High School’s auditorium. 

Greeting everyone there, FCPS Superintendent Dr. Tamara Sterling pointed out this was the first time in nearly three years that everyone could gather together since the COVID-19 pandemic began in spring 2020. 

Tammy Moore, FCPS director of organizational management, special programs and projects, introduced this year’s event theme: “Franklin Potter: Educational Houses of Excellence,” which  was playfully based on J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” literary series about the boy wizard and Hogwarts Academy. S.P. Morton Elementary School became Smytherin, the House of Ambition.  J.P. King Jr. Middle School was dubbed Javenclaw, the House of Intelligence. Franklin High  School was named Franklindore, the House of Bravery. Then there was the FCPS office, CentralPuff, the House of Empathy. When called on, each house enthusiastically announced its presence with cheers, whistles and other noisemakers. 

JROTC Program Leader Col. Linwood Wright, who gave the invocation, called on everyone to “put the children first” and advised that “if you’re not excited, the students won’t be either.” 

Franklin Mayor Frank M. Rabil said he hopes everyone will be as enthusiastic through the year as they are that day.

Other people welcoming everyone included Franklin City School Board Chair Robert Holt, Franklin-Southampton United Way Director Trish Tsitsera and Equitable representative Chiles Mason Jr.

Each principal warmly introduced new faculty and staff to their school.

The houses then demonstrated their intentions this year through skits. To start, Smytherin defeated the threat of the SOL Witch with “magic” words such as “parental involvement,” “consistency,” “Attendance. Attendance. Attendance,” and “studying.”

Javenclaw presented a video showing JPK Principal Dr. Regina Stafford creating potions using

similar words to create an excellent learning environment. 

Franklindore faculty demonstrated their sorcery skills with an imaginary dance-off with the houses. Naturally, FHS won. 

Before departing for a feast, Sterling charged everyone to strive for excellence every day.