Duke St. & Virginia Ave. water main replacement nears bidding phase

Published 7:18 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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The town of Windsor now has all of the deeds of easement needed for the Duke Street and Virginia Avenue water main replacement, and the Town Council is expected to make a decision in September on sending the project out to bid.

William Saunders

In his memo to the mayor and Town Council that was part of the council’s Aug. 9 meeting packet, Windsor Town Manager William Saunders wrote that only one deed of easement was still outstanding, but he updated this verbally during the meeting.

“Since the writing of this, (Town Clerk) Terry (Whitehead) has succeeded in getting the final deed of easement acquired,” Saunders said. “That would not have occurred without her assistance. I greatly appreciate it.

“And the engineers just got me, mid-week last week, the final set of documents, final set of plans for the project and final set of bid documents to me for the town attorney’s and my review. So, what they feel like is everything we need to put it out to bid, they’ve gotten to us.”

“That’s a good thing,” Councilman Walter Bernacki said. “So rough time frame — by the time you review, it gets posted?”

“We’re hoping to bring that back to you all at next month’s meeting, have you authorize it to go out to bid,” Saunders replied. “But I didn’t want to get it just in time for the packet and put it in the packet this month and then we haven’t reviewed it sufficiently and we’re back next month in front of you all. So the plan is to get it back to you all next month.”

“So a bid decision next month by council?” Mayor Glyn T. Willis said.

“Yes, sir,” Saunders said.

Willis said, “In that process, do they give us an estimate?”

“They will give us a cost estimate,” Saunders said, affirming that council members will be provided with insight on what to expect to see in the bids.