2021 Miss Franklin-Southampton County Fair farewell letter

Published 7:44 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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By Lainey Watson

A year ago, this week I decided to take a leap of faith and go out of my comfort zone to participate in the Miss Franklin-Southampton County Fair Pageant. Although I was extremely hesitant at the time, looking back it is truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I did not enter this pageant seeking a crown, but instead a new experience that turned into an amazing opportunity. An opportunity to represent my hometown, to serve, and to grow into the best version of myself. But I could not have done it with my community’s help and support. Throughout the fairground festivities, fundraisers for so many great causes to benefit our community and the people in it, along with the fun events with my fair family, especially the preparation and competition at the VAF pageant in Williamsburg this year, you guys have been by my side through it all!

I want to specifically thank my mom, dad, and grandparents for always encouraging me and assisting with whatever life throws my way. I also want to thank the pageant committee, especially my pageant director Janet, for teaching me the ins and outs of “the new world” I was being introduced to. From learning how to use makeup, to walking in heels, and the little things that have helped me to become a better person, I am extremely grateful.

To the fair board, I am very appreciative for all of the fun times we’ve shared and how you all welcomed me with open arms, the work you guys put into all of our events does not go unnoticed. To my fellow queens, it has been an honor to walk alongside you during this past year in which we have established great friendships and memories.

Also, to our teen Queen Briana and her mom Amber, I am forever grateful for the compassion and support you two have shown me and the bond we have created. Furthermore, I want to thank my other friends, family, “fan club,” and community for always showing up to stand behind me during this new experience.

Finally, to the new queen, I hope you view your crown as an opportunity to make a difference in this community who is going to stand behind you for the entire journey of the next year. Strive to be the role model for that little girl in the audience hoping to fill your shoes one day. Also, take the time to soak it all in because it is truly a once in a lifetime experience and the time flies by when you are having fun! My first walk song definitely set the tone for my year of reign because I truly have had the time of my life! Even though I am passing my crown down to your next queen, I will always proudly be your 2021 Miss Franklin-Southampton County Fair. Thank y’all.