Southampton County land transfers — June 2022

Published 1:06 pm Wednesday, July 13, 2022

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The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton County Circuit Court for the month of June:

Greenfield Homes Corporation to Thomas B. Williams, Franklin City, 3004 Beale Court, Franklin, Lot 33, Joyner Farm, Section 2, $40,000

William F. Powers III to David J. Rodriquez, 508 Clay Street, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 8, $265,650

Jason A. Dunn to Hasings and Sons LLC, 225 George Washington Highway S., Chesapeake, $32,500

Jason A. Dunn to Hastings and Sons LLC, 225 George Washington Highway S., Chesapeake, $49,200

Christopher J. Karmilovich to AUG 1st 2009 LLC, 21116 Rescue Road, Carrollton, Franklin City, Lot 1, $295,000

Claudette B. Jones to Hampton House Buyers LLC, 26 Towne Center Way, Hampton, Franklin City, Lot 4, $32,500

Maria Isabel Valle Lopez to Oscar Sorto, 87 Dean Ray Court, Newport News, Franklin City, Lot 3, $42,000

Louise D. Pixley to Colette Hill, 129 Magnolia Avenue, Franklin, Franklin City, $215,000

Hampton House Buyers LLC to Melvin Belter Jr., 1115 Railroad Avenue, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 12, $186,000

Mark A. Markivich to JR. Property Group LLC, 31447 Jenkins Mill Road, Franklin, $140,000

Pavel Halstead to Tap Dinh Van, 117 Queens Lane, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 19, Hunterdale Farm Section 1, $236,000

Premier Investment Properties to Calvin Hanshaw Sr., 312 Harrison Street, Franklin, Franklin City, Lots 17, 18 & 19, PR Camp Dairy Farm, $175,099

Scottie A. Moore to Brenda Lewis, 820 Clay Street, Franklin, Franklin City, 820 Clay Street, $210,000

Mitchell L. Hendricks to Martha B. Hendricks, 705 Fairview Drive, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 2, Section 2, Fairview, $300,000

Thomas A. Morgan Jr. to Jonathan M. Pullen, 220 Old Sedley Road, Franklin, Franklin city, 220 Old Sedley Road, $155,000

Lise Gomora to Damron K. Cleveland, 511 Clay Street, Franklin, Franklin City, $290,000

Jason A. Dunn to 108 Holland Circle Trust #108, 602 Thomas Nelson Drive, Virginia Beach, Franklin City, 108 Holland Circle, CL21-683, $51,600

David Reginald Benton to Eboni Lewis, 132 Wynnwood Drive, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 24, Section 22, Wynnwood, $439,900

Catherine A. Reid to Kaylan Baines, 500 Norfleet Street, Franklin, Franklin City, $196,000

  1. McNeely Bryant to Joann D. Murphy, 308 Beamon Street, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 1, $79,787.74

Eric Brett Jones to Jenny Worrell, 10730 New Road, Ivor, Berlin Ivor, Parcel B, 1.54 acres, $223,000

DR Horton Inc. to Edrick Cooper, 240 Kings Lane, Franklin, Southampton County, Lot 18, Section 4, Regency Estates, $494,990

Delores Marshall Lewis to Marvin Chesson, 160 Johnson Lane, Moyock, North Carolina, Berlin Ivor District, 2 parcels, $15,000

Janet Susan Bell to Jarrette T. Shoemaker, 10920 New Road, Ivor, Berlin Ivor District, Parcel A, Section 1, $235,000

Jhn M. Claud to Southampton Farms LLC, 25126 Barhams Hill Road, Drewryville, Drewryville Village, 3 parcels, $100,000

Christopher Johnson to John Walters, 27182 Flaggy Run Road, Courtland, Southampton County, 1.28 acres, $250,000

Sylvia W. Henson to NW Group LLC, 18508 Rosemont Road, Franklin, Berlin Ivor District, Plat Book 38, Page 20, $600,000

Paul W. Rogers Jr. to Align RNG Virginia Waverly LLC, Southampton County, $124,960

Paul W. Rogers Jr. to Align RNG Virginia Waverly LLC, Southampton County, access road agreement, $7,144.17

Douglas Scott Claud to Sidney L. Faucette, 22387 Drewry Road, Drewryville, Drewryville District, 1.06 acres, $155,000

Ethan F. Holland to Brittany Sightler, 26054 Guy Place, Courtland, Jerusalem District, Lots 5, 1.173 acres, $197,500

Charlene M. Dean to Linda B. Garriss, 18165 Truman Street, Boykins, Boykins Town, 18165 Truman Street, $189,900

Louis Jiannine to Theron Brown, 27187 Beale Road, Franklin, Newsoms District, 1.238 acres, $370,000

Harold L. Drake to Southern Landowner LLC, 32308 Sandy Ridge Road, Franklin, Newsoms District, Lot 2, $25,000

Wm. S. Wirt Construction Inc. to William D. Whitehurst, 22247 Harvest Drive, Franklin, Southampton County, Lot 74, Bethel Farms, $370,200

Towne Development Corporation to John K. Smaltz, 33134 Pebble Brook Drive, Franklin, Jerusalem District, Sand Creek, Lot 37, 1.02 acres, $334,700

Frederick Jones to Larry D. Rollins, 129 Pebble Beach Lane, Williamsburg, Capron District, $4,700

Frederick Jones to Larry D. Rollins, 129 Pebble Beach Lane, Williamsburg, Capron District, $,000

Timbervest Partners III VA LLC to Bernard E. Gizara, 588 Cypress Cove Lane, Suffolk, Jerusalem District, $550,086.37

Joanne Elizabeth Barham to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, P.O. Box 85073, PMB 38979, Richmond, Southampton County, $322,100

Devale E. Ellis to Jason Bond, 7602 Chestnut Hills Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana, Capron District, Lot 6, 2.268 acres, $27,000

Vicky L. Fauss to Gregg Welch, 7494 Sadler Road, Wakefield, Berlin Ivor District, 7494 Sadler Road, $750,000

JAB Family LLC to Irvin L. Stephens, 18211 Sedley Road, Sedley, Jerusalem District, 1.190 acres, $185,000

Sammy Davis to Travis Spencer Boyd, 21099 Southampton Parkway, Courtland, Capron District, Lot 21, Vincents Grove Subdivision, $297,000

Trent D. Lamm to Joseph Asuncion Martin, 1200 Harris Drive, Lomoc, California, Jerusalem District, Lot 8, $150,000

DR Horton Inc. to James John Martin, Southampton County, Lot 15, Regency Estates Section 4, $488,930

Gwendolyn H. Best to Paul M. Sorey, 106 Tideland Drive, Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Jerusalem District, 5.00 acres, Parcel E, $60,000

James J. Reid to Hines Village and Properties, 26042 Old Place Road, Boykins, Boykins District, CL20-318, $3,100

Robert E. Joyner to Annette Powell Williams, 17491 Newtown Road, Capron, Capron District, $30,000

Blackwater Land and Timber LLC to G. Thomas Alphin Jr., 23722 Thomas Woods Trail, Zuni, Southampton County, 4 parcels, $1,025,000

David J. Power to Emilie Maddison March, 34001 General Mahone Boulevard, Ivor, Berlin Ivor District, Section A, Lot 1, 0.796 acres, $189,900

Kimberly A. Gomer to Carol M. Jarvis, 23318 Indian Town Road, Courtland, Capron District, Lot 2, 6.439 acres, 449,900

114 Franklin LLC to June A. Reid, 23139 Homestead Lane, Franklin, Franklin District, Lot #50, $270,000

Cole J. Ruppe to Ray E. Atkins Jr., 31159 Cypress Woods Trail, Franklin, Franklin District, Cypress Woods Subdivision, Lot 7, 1.84 acres, $235,000

Lance C. Meads to John R. Leach, 30186 Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin, Franklin District, Lot 3, 4.470 acres, $315,000

Sharon Kay Bailey to Fernando Juarez, 129 Holland Drive, Virginia Beach, Franklin District, Lot 1 & 1A, $10,000

Ubaydullah Henderson to Vanless D. Worrell, 28463 Westbrook Street, Newsoms, Southampton County, Lot 5, $7,600

Hampton House Buyers LLC to Satonya Perry, 33107 Hall Street, Branchville, Branchville Town, 2 parcels, $87,400

Leroy David Holloway to Matthew T. Gross, 10087 Ivor Road, Ivor, Berlin Ivor District, 6.6610 acres, Tract 2, $436,500

Hannah Joy Stiglitz to RM Clarke Farm Rolling Hills, 1617 Diamond Springs Road, Virginia Beach, Boykins District, 2 tracts, $60,000

Romaine C. King to Wyatt Meade Ruffin Jr., 637 Main Street, Margarettsville, North Carolina, Jerusalem District, $15,000