LETTER: Law enforcement need, deserve prayers

Published 8:28 pm Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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To the Editor:

With all the negativity and malice toward those who bravely serve and protect our families every day, it is important to support those who wear the badge. Every day, thousands of law enforcement officers across the country leave their families at home while they faithfully protect the communities they serve. They say goodbye to their families not knowing if, when, or in what condition they will arrive home. Yet every day, these heroes continue to uphold and defend the oath they took to protect the community.

The American Family Association designated Sunday, June 12, 2022, as a Day of Prayer and Appreciation for Law Enforcement. The church family at Hunterdale Christian Church participated in this event and joined with millions of other Americans across America in showing these law enforcement officers our respect and appreciation, as well as offering prayers for their safety.

Mark Kitchen – former policeman and public safety trainer, and current employee in our state prison system, as well as Franklin City Councilman representing Ward I – was at Hunterdale Christian Church to uphold and honor our law enforcement officers in the City of Franklin, as well as the surrounding counties. He led our church in a heartfelt prayer of appreciation and concern for the safety of all these officers and their families.

Our church joined in this appreciation and concern. As a token of our appreciation for the City of Franklin Police Department, we presented Mark with a check for the local police department. This money can be used to fund training, help to purchase needed equipment, and/or any other project they may be working on at this time.

It is our hope that other churches and organizations within the City of Franklin and beyond will join us in our endeavor to encourage, support, and pray for our law enforcement personnel. I think we can all agree that they need – and deserve – our prayers, not just on one specified day of the year, but each and every day that they serve and protect. May God bless them all.

Nancy K. Parrish