Southampton County land transfers — April 2022

Published 10:33 pm Thursday, May 19, 2022

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The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton County Circuit Court for the month of April:

Avert Property Management LLC to Steven Lawrence Dozier, 1625 Dorchester, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 23, Dorchester Gardens, $114,000

Cut Enterprises LLC to Precision Properties LLC, 425 Delaware Road, Franklin, Franklin City, 2 parcels, $120,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Trust Inst. #170002933, Franklin City, 104 Willis Road, $226,935

Rose P. Galloway to Blue Jay Properties LLC, 34291 Lee’s Mill Road, Franklin, Franklin City, $27,000

Brittany A. Copeland to Wyatt K. Colantuono, 313 Hunterdale Road, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 87 West End, $235,000

Lynda H. Bond to John David LLC, P.O. Box 1173, Franklin, Franklin City, $100,000

Keith Johnson to Johnson & Johnson Properties, 19075 Black Creek Road, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 18, $66,576.38

USA Professionals Inc. to Sabatino Piscitelli, 9015 Tree Rail Dr., Boynton, FL 33472, $67,000

Ronnie A. Smithwick to Care Enterprises LLC, 601 North Mechanic Street, Ste., Franklin, Franklin City, $74,000

Martha V. Barnes to Edmond S. Culpepper, 117 Woodland Drive, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 25, Section 2, Gillette Subdivision, $315,900

Kimberly G. Joyner Banty to Louis D. Madray, 903 Kimberly Drive, Franklin, Franklin City, 2 parcels, $201,500

Cut Enterprises LLC to Dean Alexander Russell, 720 Orchard Street, Franklin, Franklin City, Lots 1, 2 & 3, $115,000

Francis A. Smith to Rodrick Shannon, 105 Regency Lane, Franklin, Franklin City, $350,000

Janice B. Madron to Care Enterprises LLC, 601 Mechanic Street, Suite 122, Franklin, Franklin City, $65,000

Turnco LLC to Tidewater Developers LLC, 1761 Church Street, Norfolk, Franklin District, $275,000

James H. Miller Jr. to Maynard W. Grizzard, 3715 Banana Lane 6, Drewryville District, $78,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Paramount Investments LLC, P.O. Box 862, Fairfax, Franklin City, 721 Chaucer Court, Trust Inst. #120000496, $153,001

MBDC Properties LLC to Nottoway Investment Co. LLC, P.O. Box 263, Courtland, Franklin City, 1.049 acres, $439,300

Crowell Gap Investments LLC to Christian Carbonetto, 124 Landview Lane, Franklin, Franklin City, Lot 71, Riverwood Estates, Phase 1, $245,000

Pamela K. Wiggins to Hunter Darden III, 19311 Rosemont Road, Franklin, Franklin District, $52,608

Kenneth A. Birdsong to Allen Tucker, 19816 River Road, Courtland, Jerusalem District, $335,000

1994 Thomas H. Moore and One to Katherine Pearson Wright, 23179 Storys Station Road, Courtland, Franklin District, $349,900

Fred Teagle Jr. to John M. Best, 25426 Guy Place Road, Courtland, Capron District, 3 acres, $10,000

John R. Walter to Three Creeks Farm Inc., 1240 Sandbridge Road, Virginia Beach, $309,500

Craig A. Heckenlaible to Horace E. Belch, 22474 Linden Street, Courtland, Jerusalem District, 3 parcels, $290,000

Eastman Chemical Resins Inc. to Synthomer Adhesive Technologie, 200 South Wilcox Drive, Kingsport, TN, Southampton County, $6,855,600

Leslee A. Rogerson to George A. Gentile, 28293 Berlin Dory Road, Sedley, Southampton County, $295,000

Anthony E. Bowers to Gerald W. Scott, 16015 Johnsons Mill Road, Sedley, Franklin City, Hall Street, $20,000

Charles H. Hanson to EPIM LLC, 2412 Durwood Pollard Road, Greenville, NC, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 5, 0.99 acres, $230,000

Cameron Joseph Radloff to Brent Darden Boone, 31173 Cypress Woods Trail, Franklin, Franklin District, Lot 10, 2.07 acres, Cypress, $245,000

Austin C. Magruder to Shameka Person, 17368 Johnsons Mill Road, Sedley, Sedley Village, $215,000

Samuel I. White, PC to Pennyback Loan Services LLC, 6101 Candor Drive, Moorpark, CA, Trust. Inst. #200001777, 26243 Hanging Tree Road, $261,620

Grace E. Smith to BWB Homes LLC, 2945 Military Hwy. S., Chesapeake, Franklin District, Lot 86, Scottswood, Section 3, $24,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Cody Talbert, 23329 Sunlight Drive, Courtland, Newsoms District, Lot 7, 1 acre, $270,000

Gail B. Camp LP to Turnco LLC, 517 Kempsville Road, Chesapeake, Jerusalem District, Lot 19, Shands Estate, Section 5, $18,000

Sharon E. Reese to Turnco LLC, 517 Kempsville Road, Chesapeake, Courtland Town, $20,000

Turnco LLC to Tidewater Developers LLC, 1761 Church Street, Norfolk, Jerusalem District, 2 parcels, $60,000

Fake It Til You Make It LLC to Joseph S. Ellis, 11076 Skyline Drive, Wakefield, Berlin Ivor District, $137,000

Gladys S. Hostetter to Fake It Til You Make It LLC, 14187 Corinth Road, Ivor, Ivor Town, $36,000

Carolyn F. Vassiliou to Troy R. Cook, 17228 Black Creek Road, Zuni, Jerusalem District, $50,000

Wm. S. Wirt Construction Inc. to Michael Zalusky, 22182 Harvest Drive, Franklin, Southampton County, Lot 16, Bethel Farms, $374,000

Regency LLC to Johnathan W. Edwards, 23422 Brook Run Court, Franklin, Southampton County, Lot 16, Sandy Creek, $308,800

Raymond E. Drake to Erin O. Rountree, 18379 Popes Station Road, Capron, Newsoms Town, 2 parcels, $50,000

Douglas Garland Bailey Jr. to Linwood Anderson Bailey, 29343 Shady Brook Court, Courtland, Newsoms District, $10,000

Michael David Ferguson to Danielle N. Dickey, 27189 Dogwood Bend Road, Franklin, Franklin District, $150,000

Jason W. Alstatt to Michael C. Edwards, 23237 Jay Street, Franklin, Franklin District, Lot 33, Cypress Manor, $193,625

Benjamin E. Andrews to Clause Nix II, 8476 Rawls Drive, Ivor, Ivor Town, 2 parcels, $259,900

Teresa V. Bane to 18036 LLC, 14387 Cabin Point Road, Courtland, Sedley Village, $16,000

Timbervest Partners III Virginia to Clarke Family Farms LLC, 1961 Diamond Springs Road, Virginia Beach, Southampton County, $2,800,000

Timothy J. Livingston to Beatriz Naranjo Torres, 31447 Jenkins Mill Road, Franklin, Southampton County, $96,100

Robert E. Stanfield to Amber P. Barbour, 24369 Adams Grove Road, Drewryville, Drewryville District, $264,900

Virgil Wayne Alstatt to Virgil Wayne Alstatt, 13202 Waller Road, Branchville, Boykins District, $120,000

Louise L. Garris to Noureddine Houssni, 5608 Westbury Road, Virginia Beach, $2,000

Jordan R. Keuhn to Triston L. Holland, 10081 Tucker Swamp Road, Zuni, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 2, 8.560 acres, $296,000

Anthony L. Sylvia to Eric Munford, 33347 Edgehill Drive, Franklin, Franklin District, Lot 55, Section 3, Edgehill, $205,000

Alvis Earl Johnson to Chance W. Crowder, 28294 Grays Shop Road, Newsoms, Newsoms District, Grays Shop Road, 4.72 acres, $50,000

Russell E. Holland to Acme Land LLC, 1205 North Bay Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, Drewryville, 2 parcels, $556,434

Joseph W. Rountree to Jared Dotts, 23034 Meherrin Road, Courtland, Capron District, Lot 3, Section B, $123,500

Sheila L. Platteel to William H. Callis Jr., 21641 Cobb Pond Lane, Courtland, Capron District, $540,000

Roger Schmidt to Turnco LLC, 517 Kempsville Road, Ste. F, Chesapeake, Franklin District, Parcel B, 62.176 acres, $200,000

Melissa Leathers Anderson to Kevin Ramos Hernandez, 24220 Ridley Road, Courtland, Newsoms District, 1.002 acres, $285,000

Kevin D. Smith to Patty Lynn Dolan, 22154 Main Street, Courtland, Courtland Town, Lots 29,30, 31, $55,000

James H. Miller to Maynard W. Grizzard, 3715 Banana Lane 6, Drewryville District, 6.3 acres approx., $78,000

Kyle L. Thorpe to Skyler S. Turner, 32802 Barnes Church Circle, Newsoms, Newsoms District, 1.227 acres, $200,000

Beverly C. Bryant to Paul Warren Cobb, 37284 General Mahone Blvd., Ivor, Berlin Ivor District, Lot D, $155,000

Margaret Rose Gadsby to Christopher W. Sifford, 305 West Chickasaw Road, Virginia Beach, Boykins Town, $13,000

Alexander E. Close to Tamara Wellons, 13017 Boykin Place, Upper Marlboro, MD, Berlin Ivor District, Tract 10, $45,000

Dana Eckman to Marcus Brown, 3204 Peeble Brook Dr., Franklin, Jerusalem District, Lot 54, 0.92 acres, Sandy Creek, $340,000