Windsor Mayor Glyn T. Willis, Councilman George Stubbs to not seek reelection

Published 12:09 am Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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Windsor Mayor Glyn T. Willis and Councilman George Stubbs announced near the end of the Feb. 8 Windsor Town Council meeting that they will not be seeking reelection in November.

Glyn T. Willis

Both Willis and Stubbs are nearing the end of their first four-year terms in their respective roles.

Shortly before the Town Council went into closed session Feb. 8, Willis said he had one item that he would like to share.

“I’m anticipating that next year this time, someone else will be sitting in this seat other than myself,” he said. “Due to a number of factors ranging from my current age of 65 and some of the things associated with that to some family situations and so forth, I look to helping someone else serve as the mayor and will not be looking to be on the ballot in November.”

He said that he appreciates the opportunity he has had to serve the town.

“I won’t give the end-of-my-term speech at this point, but it’s a delight working with you, regardless,” he said to council members and town staff.

George Stubbs

Following this, Stubbs said, “Since we’re putting words out on the street, I would like to notify council and anybody in the audience that I will not be a candidate for council on the next ballot. I am serving my last year — a lot to do with my age, a lot to do with some other things that I may decide to do.”

Stubbs noted he is the oldest member of the Town Council.

“I’ve learned a lot and will continue to do my best, but I will not be a candidate come November,” he said.

A local member of the Boy Scouts of America was present for the meeting, taking notes as part of an assignment in his role as a Boy Scout.

Willis addressed the young Boy Scout briefly to ask him what he thought of the Town Council meeting and then encouraged him with regard to public service, saying, “We appreciate you being here, and maybe sometime in the future, you would like this (mayoral) seat. That’s fine. I think you’ve got a few years to work on that, but if you’re living here in town, consider it. Serving in government is a good thing.”