Southampton County land transfers — December 2021

Published 10:44 pm Thursday, January 13, 2022

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The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton County Circuit for the month of December:

Roslyn Wilson to Nateska C. Andrews, Franklin City, Lot 13, $98,000

City of Franklin to Voorhees Warehousing Corp. Franklin City, $2,000,000

Justin R. Burch to Robin M. Hudgins, Franklin City, Lot 44, Section I2, Joyners Acres, $200,000

Linda K. Thomas to Stacey T. Drake, Franklin City, Lot 19, Section 3, Quail Ridge, $0

Surety Trustees LLC to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Trust Inst. #160000794, $159,475.85

Habitat for Humanity of Southampton Roads to D.R. Horton Inc., Franklin City, $256,000

James Daniel Hobbs to Arthur Walter Truesdell, Franklin City, River Road Farms Subdivision, Section 1, $395,000

CAO Investments LLC to Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Franklin City, Lot 84 & Lot 85, $98,000

Larry E. Wilson to Steven Stately, Franklin City, West End, Lot 60, $219,900

Clarence R. Baker to Friends Homes LLC, Franklin City, Lot 109, PR Camp Subdivision, $25,000

Edward L. Brock to Jordan E. Stewart, Franklin City, Lot 65, Section 3, Holliknol, $227,000

Oak Creek Capital LLC to Martinette Properties LLC, Franklin City, $57,000

Christopher Beaton to Jucentae Spence, Franklin City, Lot 22, Langston Commons, $177,000

John Gregory Avent to John Gregory Avent, Franklin City, Lot 12, Section 2, Swan Estates, $0

Cynthia L. Jones to George R. Reilly, Franklin City, $186,900

Harry E. Spalding to Harry E. Spalding, Franklin City, Regency Estates, Section 1, Lot 34, 0.771 acres, $0

Mary K. Clingenpeel to Teresa Robinson, Franklin City, 2 parcels, $270,000

Barbara J. Rodgesterj to Lee G. Hooker, Berlin Ivor District, $800,000

Edmond S. Culpepper to Joshua Derrickson Turner, Courtland Town, Lot 205, Section 3, Shands Estates, $190,000

Steven Lynn Greene to Charles Joseph John Dunlap, Franklin District, Lot 26, Cypress Manor, $207,500

Gladys M. Weeks to Duane H. Whitley, Franklin District, Lot 2, Cypress Woods Subdivision Division, $250,000

Rachelle Jean Wade to Benjamin Hassell Wade, Berlin Ivor District, 1.485 acres, $1,000

David W. Joyner to Christopher L. Ullery, Ivor Town, 1.287 acres, $340,000

Robin M. Hudgins to David C. Lowry, Jerusalem District, Lot 119, McCoy Tract, $330,000

Timbervest Partners III Virginia to Janet Davis Edson, Jerusalem District, $477,000

Premier Construction Management to Stephen P. Jernigan, Jerusalem District, Lot 81, Sandy Creek, $338,550

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Cedar Homes Investments LLC, Berlin Ivor District, 30510 Seacock Chapel Road, $69,000

Arturo Carter to For His Glory Trucking LLC, Franklin District, Lot 5, Country Roads, Phase 2, $15,000

David L. Harrington to Donald L. Harrington Jr., Boykins District, 1.200 acres, Plat Book 37, Page 175, $0

Donald L. Harrington to Fire Five Inc., Boykins District, $0

Chandler Stuck to Casey Gore, Jerusalem District, $282,000

Jackie Dean Vick, probate will and appoint executor, $0

Larry K. Pope to JMJ Property Investments LLC, Franklin District, Lot 46, Cypress Manor, $0

Cody W. Harrison to Camden Cobb, Boykins District, $86,000

Brenda Melniczak to Eric C. Clasp, Capron District, 0.492 acres, $165,000

Raymond Earl Rawlings, record real estate for 2 parcels, jointly held with survivorship, $0

Stal Farms LLC to Brian E. Taylor, Boykins District, Parcel 1, 11.24 acres, $37,000

Walter Lewis Sr. to Alison Mari Grace Nall, Capron District, Lot 12, ref inst. #200002196, $30,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Nikita S. Bradshaw, Capron District, Lots 6 & 7, $259,900

Thomas P. Waters to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Zuni, $0

Jerry V. Joyner to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Zuni, $0

Gracie B. Waters to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Zuni, $0

Gracie B. Waters, Virginia Electric and Power Company, Zuni, $0

Carroll Raymond Drake, probate will, no executor appointed, $0

Vicks Plantation LLC to Kenneth E. Hogge, Jerusalem District, Lot 7, $25,000

Garth Shipman to Eran A. Haber, Franklin District, 25 acres, $420,000

Gretchen G. Atkins to Gretchen G. Atkins, Ivor Town, $0

William McKinley Picot III, record real estate affidavit to convey property, $0

Cory D. Everett to Sheila M. Jackson, Capron Town, $229,900

Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority to Union Street Properties LLC, Franklin City, $32,000

John F. Wilroy Jr. to Bank of Southside Virginia, Trust Inst. #100002608, $0

Kenneth W. Cooke to Red 19 Enterprises LLC, Newsoms District, $87,000

Elizabeth A. Conley to Chadwick Sayre, Jerusalem District, 0.481, $160,000

Joseph P. McGuire to Daniel Patrick McGuire, Newsoms District, $0

Casey Gore to Casey Gore, Jerusalem District, Section A, Lot 7, Section B, Lot 7, 2.265 acres, $0

Delores F. Scherr to Kenneth F. Spielman, Sedley Village, 1.035 acres, $259,000

Casey Schnur Johnson to HD3 LLC, Franklin District, Southampton Parkway, 3.778 acres, $450,000

Johnny Lewis Lyons to Shelia Lyons, Capron District, 21311 Barrow Road, $0

Malinda Myrick to Rory Bainter, Franklin District, Lot 2, $218,500

Anita C. Bain to Richard Jennings Hare, Berlin Ivor District, $515,000

Nicholas P. Martin to Sheila Coleman, Newsoms District, 0.514 acres, $115,000

Bruce B. Bon, successor to Charles Stephens, Jerusalem District, $165,000

Sarah Leanna Jernigan to Turnmore LLC, Boykins Town, 18134 Beaton Avenue, $27,000

Charles Brantless Hinton to Klassic Development LLC, Courtland Town, 0.485 acres, $12,500

Ronald W. Rusbuldt to Mystic River Investments LLC, Newsoms District, Monroe Road, 7.473 acres, $100,000

Premier Construction Management to Caitlin Moore, Jerusalem District, Sandy Creek, Lot 80, $341,482.56

Hunter A. Byrum to Sandra Denise Whitaker, Ivor Town, Bell Avenue, 0.379, $177,000

James A. Nicholas Jr. to Eugene Darden Nicholas, Franklin District, Route 189, 17.37 acres, $0

Gary S. Stabler Sr. to Patricia A. Wray. Capron District, Lot 15, 4.86 acres, $27,000

Riddick Realty LLC to Gerard Group Real Property LLC, Franklin District, 2 parcels, $3,280,000

Taylor Lynzie Sabella to Kara Edwards, Ivor Town, 8345 Bell Avenue, $281,000

Fred Henry Turner, record real estate affidavit for property on Glyn, $0

Rosandra Denise Levy to Howard Smith Turner, Courtland Town, $0

Rhonda J. Modlin to Francis Edward Driver, Capron District, 2.529 acres, Route 712, $0

John Henry Smith, probate will and appoint executor, $0

ARS Enterprises LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Capron, $0

Floyd A. Everett to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Courtland, $0

Neil B. Zerbe to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Courtland, $0

Alvis Earl Johnson to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Boykins, $0

Ella Dee Clary to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Boykins, $0

L.F. Draper Jr. to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Boykins, $0

Hunter Darden Jr. to Richard E. Darden, Jerusalem District, multiple parcels, $0

Hunter Darden Jr. to Hunter Darden III, Southampton County, H.L. Vaughan Farm, $0

Jean A. Barker to Holly Barker Dawson, Jerusalem District, $0

SI Virginia II LLC to Summit Investments II, Southampton County, 2 parcels, $450,034.92

John Pate Felts to Millfield Baptist Church, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Quiena Diggs, Capron District, Lot 3, 0.930 acres, $233,000

Valley Proteins Inc. to NVP Realty LLC, Drewryville District, $0

Louis Woodrow Ellsworth, record real estate affidavit, $0

Jean M. Vincent to Jean M. Vincent, Franklin District, $0

Trailer Sales LLC to Land 4 Heroes Inc., Newsoms District, $358,602

Herman Anthony Cobb to Goose Hill Farms LLC, Southampton County, 2 parcels, $0

Herman Anthony Cobb to Nottoway Chapel LLC, Jerusalem District, Route 611, 0.986 acres, $0

Vickie Lee Phipps, appoint administrator, $0

Estate of George Lee Thorpe to Brendan M. Johnson, Newsoms District, Monroe Road, 1.00 acres, Lot 3, $204,000

Fannie Mae, aka by AIF to Grace E. Smith, Franklin District, Scottswood Subdivision, 2 parcels, $185,101

Mary Ananda Patterson to Mary Amanda Patterson, $0

Judith Butler Hatfield, probate will only, $0

Wilroy Enterprises LLC to Turnmore LLC, Boykins Town, South Main Street and Railroad Avenue, $100,000

Willard R. Hatfield, probate will only, $0

Lakesha Bynum Warren to Lakesha Bynum, $0

George L. Thorpe Estate to Christopher S. Drake, Newsoms District, Hart Tract, 145 acres, $170,500

Lynn Draper Rader to Southampton Land Company LLC, Southampton County, 5 parcels, $1,300,000

William L. Holt to Charles E. Turner, Courtland Town, High Street, Lot 2, 0.542 acres, $0

Jenny B. Bunn to Todd R. Burgess, $0

Robert E. Lewis to Colonial Farm Credit, Trust Inst. #210003171, $0