Council starts informal event committee

Published 5:52 pm Thursday, December 23, 2021

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Windsor Town Manager William Saunders stated that the Windsor Town Council voted unanimously Dec. 14 to direct town staff to start an informal event committee that will become a standing committee at some later date if deemed prudent.

William Saunders

In a memorandum to the mayor and the council, Saunders reminded them that the initiation of an event committee had been discussed at previous Town Council meetings, and he summarized some of the details surrounding the committee.

“The committee would be to assemble town officials with other stakeholders in the community to

explore the potential for future town events,” he stated. “With the July 4th celebration and the Christmas Parade not being held for the last two years, a number of citizens and groups have contacted town staff to express interest in the town initiating events in the future.”

He noted that whether these events could or would be reinstituted as they were or whether other events could or should take their place will require study and planning to determine the community’s interest and capabilities.

Saunders also pointed out that Action Item No. 13 of the town’s Strategic Plan, “Increase the number of community events and activities,” lists as one of its key tasks/activities to “put together a committee that will plan and execute events, such as 4th of July party and car show, block parties, fall festival…”

He stated, “It would seem that this committee should include a mix of representatives of the town and its numerous civic and nonprofit groups that can come together to make recommendations to Town Council about town-sponsored events and also work on a comprehensive event calendar for the town to prevent various groups’ events conflicting with one another to the extent possible.”

The options Saunders presented to the council for the committee were as follows:

  • begin as an informal group that is initiated administratively by town staff
  • begin as a standing town committee
  • begin informally and become a standing committee if it seems prudent at a later date

The council opted for the final option.