Town of Boykins confirmed as rightful owner of lot

Published 3:36 pm Thursday, July 29, 2021

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The Boykins Town Council dealt with a variety of new business items during its July 13 meeting, including moving forward on an election ordinance revision, but an unfinished business item involving a Beaton Avenue lot reached a key resolution.

The lot has been an ongoing matter before the Town Council. Back in May, Boykins Town Clerk Victoria Edwards explained there had been confusion as to who legally owned this small triangular lot next to the railroad right of way on Beaton Avenue.

“This first came to Town Council’s attention in April when Mayor (Jackie) Robertson was approached while cutting the grass on the lot by relatives of Mr. Antwon Person, who believes the lot was included in his purchase of the adjacent property in 2008,” Edwards stated in May. “The town and Mr. Person both have deeds they believe describe the lot. Unfortunately, both deeds are vague in description and do not give a complete legal description of the lot.”

Edwards said the Town of Boykins’ deed had the lot number but no legal description, while Person’s deed had an incomplete legal description but no lot number. 

“A surveyor has been out to survey the lot to help provide clarification,” Edwards said. 

She noted the surveyor’s findings would be given to Commissioner of Revenue Amy Carr, who would make the appropriate corrections. 

Edwards stated there was no update on the matter of the lot to share from the Town Council’s June meeting, so it was carried over to the council’s July meeting.

Reporting on what came out of the July meeting, Edwards referenced an experienced land surveyor when she said, “Mr. Cass Camp confirmed that the Town of Boykins is the rightful owner of the property in question.”

In new business, Edwards shared why an election ordinance revision was on the July 13 meeting agenda for the council.

“The Electoral Board has informed the town that an ordinance needs to be passed to reflect the recent passing of legislation that moved local elections from May to November,” she stated. “We must submit the ordinance to the local registrar for them to keep for their records. The town has sent the request to their lawyer. Once an ordinance is drafted, the town will vote on it.”

A transient occupancy tax for the town was also listed as a new business item for the July 13 meeting. 

“It was added to the agenda to see if the council wanted to make any changes before I submitted a survey to the state,” Edwards said. “No changes were made.”

While considering new business, the Town Council addressed the need for minor repairs to the Boykins Police Department.

“The police department has some rotten boards that need to be replaced,” Edwards said. “The wooden trim needs to be scraped and painted. The shutters need to be painted. The quote to get these minor repairs done was $3,100.”

She said the town budgeted $1,000 for repairs. 

“A benefactor will cover half of the repairs,” she continued. “The town will use proceeds from the Thursday Captain Bob’s Food Truck lunches to cover the remainder of the cost.”

During the administration portion of the Town Council meeting, a police update addressed the subject of bids to sell a Chevrolet Impala.

“The town no longer needed the Impala police car and decided to open it up for bids,” Edwards said. “Council went with the highest bidder.”

Councilman Hank Fuller was absent from the Boykins Town Council’s July 13 meeting.