Southampton County land transfers — May 2021

Published 6:10 pm Tuesday, June 29, 2021

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The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton County Circuit Court for the month of May:

Premier Properties LLC to Wheelhouse Homes LLC, Franklin City, Lot 55, Riverview, $52,000

Hampton Roads Development LLC to Turnco LLC, Franklin City, Wyndham Subdivision Phase I, $92,000

Hampton Roads Development LLC to Turnco LLC, Franklin City, Joyner Farm Section 2, $425,000

Turnco LLC to 719 Tidewater LLC, Franklin City, $120,000

Dan P. Howe to James Galindo, Franklin City, $285,000

Turnco LLC to 719 Tidewater LLC, Franklin City, $569,500

Richard Holloman Jernigan, $0

Janice Cutchins Lanier, record real estate affidavit, $0

Johnson & Johnson Properties to The Morgan Family Investment Group, Franklin City, $80,000

Matthew Spencer to Richard Brent McGhee Sr., Franklin City, 2 parcels, $413,495

Clifton A. McDonald to Scotty G. Brown, Franklin City, Lot 60, $52,000

Rene R. Boutin to Millennial Ventures LLC, Franklin City, Meadowbrook Subdivision Lots 191 & 192, $50,000

Mary Page Glass to Adrianne RE Investment LLC, Franklin City, Lot 17, $6,500

Timothy P. Cormany to Mark Brigman, Franklin City, Lot 41, Section 1, River Road Farms, $246,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Paramount Investments LLC, Trust Inst. #090000095

Joshua M. Malish to Michele Lee DuBois, Franklin City, Lot 22, $203,900

Tyler A. Jones to Benjamin C. Johnson II, Franklin City, 132 Dale Circle, $169,000

Richard B. Hunting to Robert J. Renzetti, Franklin District, $0

Hampton Roads Development LLC to Turnco LLC, Franklin City, Wyndham Subdivision Phase IIA, $145,000

Turnco LLC to Wyndham Crossing LLC, $312,000

Franklin 58 LLC to Teji Investments LLC, Franklin City, $441,100

Robert W. Tyler to Robert W. Tyler Living Trust, Franklin City, 221 North Main Street, $0

R.W. Tyler to Robert W. Tyler Living Trust, $0

Perry Burgess to Hurley M. Mason, Newsoms District, $4,500

Sally Sue Darden, record copy of will probated in Chesapeake, $0

Richard T. Simms to Joseph E. Carter, Berlin Ivor District, 1.100 acres, $18,600

James T. Boykin to William J. Burke, Drewryville District, $0

James William Gaskins to Nancy Kim Gaskins Mattox, Jerusalem District, $0

Susan Louise Kitchen to Kenneth B. Johnson, Berlin Ivor District, $49,900

Shelley A. Crowther to Shelly A. Crowther, Franklin District, 30445 Martin Drive, $0

Elizabeth W. Barnette to Elizabeth W. Barnette, $0

Charles J. Hoffman to Otto H. Wegman, Southampton County, Lot 64, 0.751 acres, Dardens Mill Estates, $365,000

Jim I. Vick Jr. to Anana Investments LLC, Boykins Town, $37,000

Wesley Anderson to Melissa Leathers Anderson, Newsoms District, $0

Timothy J. Edwards Sr. to Timothy J. Edwards Sr., Berlin Ivor District, 34169 Unity Road, $0

Liberty Land Group LLC to Nicholas Rojae Lawrence, Franklin District, Lot 21, Country Roads, Phase 2, $12,000

Liberty Land Group LLC to Arturo Carter, Franklin District, Lot 5, Country Roads Phase 2, $11,999

Deborah Lee Covington to Lisa Blythe Darden, Drewryville District, $140,645

Ellen Marie Troyer, record real estate affidavitk, $0

Wm. S. Wirt Construction Inc. to Jericho S. Hasselbush, Southampton County, Bethel Farms Subdivision, Lot 62, Parcel 47, $358,000

Jane B. Jones to Logan Michael Jeske, Franklin District, $185,000

Patrick Elmore Branche, probate will only, $0

Yarnell Melinda Stringfellow to Yarnell Melinda Baez, $0

Tracy Yvette Barnes Copeland to Tracy Yvette Copeland, $0

William Randolph Wade, record will and appoint executor, $0

James Alton Bulls, probate will only, $0

Willie Stanton Barnard, record real estate affidavit, $0

Langley Stanton, record real estate affidavit, $0

Blackwater Investment Group to Clarence L. Haggard, Berlin Ivor District, $105,000

Claude C. Lawrence Jr. to CAF Trucking Inc., Franklin District, $140,000

Liberty Land Group LLC to Pauline Hunt, Franklin District, Lot 17, Country Roads Subdivision, $12,999

Gerald P. Anderson Jr. to Craig H. Thomas, Franklin District, 1 acre, Section A, Lot 2, $185,000

Richard L. Francis to Anthony Grant, Boykins District, 3 parcels, $93,400

Jaroslaw Dubrowsky, record copy of will, $0

Robert Hall Beatty, real estate affidavit, $0

Sara Marie Harrison to Sara Marie Beae, $0

Jerome M. Trier to Russell Duane Biss, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 3, 0.931 acres, Section 3, Frances B. Holt Farm, $285,000

Southampton Real Estate LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Courtland, $0

Wendy Scott Eldridge to John Brad Scott, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 2, 1.068 acres, $0

R.W. Tyler & Associates LTD to Regency LLC, Jerusalem District, Lot 91, Sand Creek Subdivision, $0

Regency LLC to Lauren Ashley Wilkins, Jerusalem District, Lot 91, Sandy Creek Subdivision, $250,000

James Logan Johnson, probate will, $0

Elaine M. Fenters to David L. Worth, Franklin District, $160,000

Michael Pascoe to Shari Truelove, Boykins Town, $132,500

Marvin L. Fisher to Candice Laverne Edwards, Southampton County, 37045 Broadwater Road, $0

Walter D. Brown III to Daniel W. Jones, Newsome District, Lot 7, 1.101 acres, Section 2, Sandy Ridge Subdivision, $163,900

Brenda J. Blythe to Brenda J. Lewis, Sedley Village, Lot 15, Route 1006, $0

Christopher Michael Bell to Timothy R. Nixon, Courtland Town, 2 parcels, $240,000

Thomas V. Delbiondo II to Thomas V. Delibiondo II, Southampton County, 29383 Hunters Point Road, $0

Thomas V. Delbiondo II to Amber S. Taylor, Franklin District, Lot 7, Country Roads Subdivision, $198,000

Brick Hill Properties LLC to Ryan Driscoll Stephenson, Berlin Ivor District, 1 acre and 1.985 ares, $334,900

Dale E. Holt to Justin M. Heiser, Jerusalem District, $197,000

Irene Roberts Diggs, probate will only, $0

  1. Edward Railey III to Horatio L. Funches, Capron District, 3 parcels, $10,000

Angela B. Ziglehofer to Rochelle E. Griffin, Jerusalem District, 0.918 acres, $198,000

Aldon A. Turner to JD& Co. LLC, Drewryville District, $18,500

James J. Reid to Van Mitchell, Newsoms District, $2,600

James J. Reid to Pernell Rush, Franklin District, $3,200

Lowrine Ann Ford to Ivy Land Company LLC, Courtland Town, Lot 160, $1,200

Liberty Land Group LLC to Dihann Twyman, $11,999

Wendall D. Lowe to Eric L. Griffiths, Capron District, $240,000

John C. Bensenhaver to James A. Loudermilk, Berlin Ivor District, $315,000

Douglas A. Chesson to Diane Turner Myrick, $15,000

Evelyn Cobb Payne, record real estate affidavit to transfer property, $0

Angela Dawn May Williams to Angela Dawn May, $0

Charles Arnell Lindberg, record real estate affidavit, $0

Benjamin Earl Johnson to Benjamin Earl Johnson, Deed Book 463, Page 262, $0