Southampton County land transfers — April 2021

Published 2:45 pm Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton County Circuit Court for the month of April.

Carroll E. French to Richard Yourkvitch, Franklin City, Lot 25, North Woods, $310,000

Vashti W. Day to Tom Thumb Properties LLC, Franklin City, 2 parcels, $65,000

Rebecca R. Banks to Tia S. Powell, Franklin City, 1212 Virginia Street, $0

Crowell Gap Investments LLC to Christian Carbonetto, Franklin City, Lot 76, Riverwood Estates, Phase 1, $0

Bernice Preau to Hunterdale Home & Garden Center, Franklin City, 0.083 acres, Country Club Road, $110,000

U.S. Bank to Tommie Rodgers, Franklin City, West End, Lot 65, $151,000

Shevonda Ricks to Shevonda Ricks, Franklin City, Lot 9, Fairview, $0

Zachary T. Greene to Zachary T. Greene, Franklin City, Lot 20, Joyners Acres, $0

Elizabeth W. Bain to Elizabeth W. Bain Revocable Trust, Franklin City, 716 Fairview Drive, $0

Mark A. Turner to Marina Jaymes Beach, Franklin City, 0.176 acres, $140,000

John T. Scott to Kim B. Scott, Franklin City, Lots 35 & 36 Subdivsion 2 PR Camp Dairy Farm, $68,000

Latasha R. Kornegay to Rebecca G. Rose, Franklin City, Lot 23, $164,000

Thomas Bradley Williford to Wendy R. Ogburn, Franklin City, Lot 17, Hunterdale, $178,500

John E. Bryant to Parker D. Russell, Franklin City, $10,000

Southeastern Property Management to Jerry Scott, Franklin City, Lot 69, Riverwood Estates, Phase I, $280,500

Deborah S. Oliver to William D. Meece, Franklin City, $79,900

Joshua L. Holland to Fred Lee Fenner, Franklin City, Lot 3 Swan Estates, $226,050

Steven Spates to Hector I. Ortiz Vega, Franklin City, Lot 6, Section 1, Pretlow Farms Estates, $175,000

B&B Rentals LLC to Norman Pearce, Franklin City, .268 acres, $190,000

Village at Woods Edge to Spectrum Southeast LLC, Franklin City, 5 parcels, $0

Theresa A. Menefee to Robert A. Padilla, Franklin City, Parcels 30 & 31, $0

Catherine D. Woodard to Carolos Lewis, Franklin City, $7,000

Patrick J. Boyle to Millennial Ventures LLC, Franklin City, Lot 14 & 15, $60,000

  1. Gaunce to Charles Ross II, Franklin City, Lot 2, Section 2, Regency Estates, $450,000

Loleatha C. Neclos to W.C. Gaunce, Franklin City, Lot 1, $250,000

Joseph Lamberson, $0

James D. Pope Jr. to James D. Pope III, Newsoms District, 3 parcels, $0

John W.l Demorest to Mark A. Demorest, Franklin City, Lot 2, $200,000

Paul A. Edwards Jr., record real estate affidavit, $0

Shuntun Dion Goodman Jr. to Shuntun Dion Foreman, $0

Jackson David Edwards to Jackson David Payne, $0

Clinton B. Johnson to Mechele J. Rock, Newsoms District, 2.00 acres, 40

Thomas Joseph Woodley, record real estate affidavit, $0

Lorraine Woodley, $0

Peter Felix Copeland to Mills Landon Copeland, Franklin District, Lot 1, $229,300

Dawn Mostert to Bank of America, Trust Inst. #060005529, $91,033.16

Surety Trustees LLC to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust, Trust Inst. #100001937

John T. Sours to Jacky R. Brown, Capron District, $125,000

Daryl W. Billups to Daryl W. Billups, Jerusalem District, $0

U.S. Small Business Administration to The W Company LLC, Southampton County, $49,000

Thomas W. Mills Jr. to John S. Lora, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 9, 11.607 acres, $435,000

Silver Leaf Corporation to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Courtland, $0

#4 Howell Corp to Joshuah Pete Fowler, Franklin District, Plat Book 37, Page 109, $190,000

Audrey Renee Pittman to Sam W. Cook Jr., Ivor Town, $34,000

William L. Mayo to Todd D. Schoos, Drewryville District, $56,000

Lauren Harper to Justin Burritt, Jerusalem District, Lot 50, 1.07 acres, Sandy Creek Subdivision, $226,000

William F. Lockwood to Courtney T. Elam, Berlin Ivor Distrct, Lot 10, 0.919 acres, $289,999

Kellie B. Garris to Patricia A. Weeks, Jerusalem District, $96,500

Elizabeth J. Gray to James C. Gray Jr., Jerusalem District, $0

Alvis Earl Johnson to Jeffrey A. Johnson, Boykins District, Plat Book 37, Page 120, 2.198 acres, $0

Bernice Cahoon Carr, record affidavit, $0

Hurley M Mason to Yvonne M. Daniels, $0

RW Tyler & Associates to Premier Construction Management, Jerusalem District, Sandy Creek, Lots 80 & 81, $45,000

Cody K. Edward to Elizabeth I. Adamson, Jerusalem District, Black Creek Road, Lot 3, $249,900

Cool Cats and Kittens 2 LLC to Amanda L. Crumpler, Newsoms Town, $30,000

Aubrey A. Lashley to Diamond S. Maxwell, Boykins District, Lots 73 & 74, Pittman Place as Francis Subdivision, $0

West Properties of Ivor LLC to Blake A. Rose, Berlin Ivor District, Appleton Road, Parcel C. $45,000

Robin F. Mason to Brandy L. Shamrock, Franklin District, 2 parcels, $535,000

Tennille D. Brown to Michael A. Boone Jr. Newsoms District, $0

Ruth E. Scott to Eric Scott, Boykins District, Lot 3, 1.002 acres, Bailey Heights, $0

White Tail Resort Inc. to Spectrum Southeast LLC, Berlin Ivor District, 39033 White Tail Road, $0

Otis B. Chaffin, probate will and appoint executor, $0

April L. Gilley to Malcolm B. Homeyer, Newsoms District, 1.00 acre, $170,000

Mary B. Grant to William W. Grant, Jerusalem District, 2 parcels, $0

Regency LLC to Brandon Dent, Jerusalem District, Lot 23 & 24, Sandy Creek, $276,200

RW Tyler & Associates to Regency LLC, Jerusalem District, Lots 23 & 24, Sandy Creek, $0

Diane N. Artis to Shirley A. Everett, Franklin District, Lot #61, Nottoway Gardens, Section 1, $75,000

Kaleb C. Fitch to Gabriel P. Walters, Franklin District, 3.304 acres, White Farm, $462,000

  1. Scott Claud to Ronald Lynn Welcher, Drewryville District, $0

Walter R. Bishop Jr. to Michael Rhodes Bishop, Newsoms District, $0

Walter R. Bishop Jr. to Kelly Anne Dodson, Newsoms District, $0

Lorraine Lee to Shirley Lee, Franklin District, Lot #2, Nottoway Gardens Section 1, $0

Arthur John Watson Jr. to Sammy Davis, Capron District, Lot 21 Vincents Grove Subdivision, 1.300 acres, $0

Wayne F. Matney to George Barron Joseph, Berlin Ivor District, $260,000

Mary Elizabeth Perry, probate will, $0

Michael L. Smith to David A. Wood, Capron District, $140,000

Patsy W. Snyder to Patty W. Snyder, $0

Kathy M. Darden to Joseph M. Steward, Newsoms Town, 0.61 acres, Route 1401, $15,000

Rebecca G. Rose to Krista Allison, Franklin District, Lot 3, Section 2, Edgehill, $152,000

Gracie B. Waters to Thomas P. Waters, Ivor District, 1.727 acres, $0

Hattie R. Darden, record copy of will from Hampton, $0

Timothy E. McCormick to Samuel Elmer Gates III, Berlin Ivor District, $390,000

Steven Alex Wellington Jr. to Steven Alex Rollins, $0

Ted R. Lawson to Ted R. Lawson, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Ted R. Lawson to Ted R. Lawson, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Ruth Claud, record real estate affidavit, $0

Roger Myrick, record real estate affidavit, $0

William Francis Gillette to Blunt Branch Timber LLC, $0

Slate Land Holdings LLC to Blunty Branch Timber LLC, Capron District, 6.85 acres, $14,000

Mary Lou Cash, record real estate affidavit, $0

Hawks Properties LLC to Anayeli Verduzco Rios, Drewryville Village, 0.341 acres, $46,500

William W. Worsham to Sarah W. Rexrode, Jerusalem District, $0

J.H. Lee & Sons Inc. to Ashley N. Brooks, Jerusalem District, Plat Book 37, Page 122, $75,000

Charles S. Smith III to J.H. Lee & Sons Inc., Jerusalem District, $200,000

Andrew C. Crane to Joshua Lee Holland, Jerusalem District, Lot 20, Sandy Creek, $262,000

Harvey Bradford Randall, probate will only, $0

Woco Express LLC to Ivor VA LLC, Berlin Ivor District, 5.5 acres, $2,500,000

Robert F. Marks III to KMR3 LLC, Southampton County, Plat Book 37, Page 123, $0

Percy Ellsworth Jr. record real estate affidavit, $0

Ronald McClenny to Kevin D. Smith, Courtland Town, Lot 29, 30, 31, $0

Willis E. Moody to Willis E. Moody, Sedley Village, 0.919 acres, Sycamore Avenue, $0

Wanda M. Brady to Premier Property Preservations, Sebrell Village, $55,000

Thomas Neal Marks, record real estate affidavit, $0

Justin S. McGee to William R. Oshaughnessy, Franklin District, $220,000

Courtney Elizabeth Kinney to Courtney Elizabeth Hegberg, $0

Quintina Rachel Covington to Quintina Rachel Satterthwaite, $0

Vernon Keith Matthew Sr. record real estate affidavit, $0

Donna I. Decker to Maynard Wilroy Grizzard, Drewryville District, $82,500

Stal Farms LLC to Brian Charles Shifflett, Boykins District, $33,900

Elise L. Martin to Stephen M. Wells, Berlin Ivor District, Parcel 2, Section B & Section A, 5.170 acres, $360,000

Vanessa A. Bailey to Carrington Mortgage Services, Drewryville District, 2483 Southampton Parkway, Trust Inst. #1400002739, $52,723.33

Carrington Mortgage Services to Secretary of Veteran Affairs, Drewryville District, 2483 Southampton Parkway, $10

Stal Farms LLC to Gary K. Gould, Boykins District, Parcel 3, $45,000

Marchenia Demetrice Everette to Marchenia Demetrice Dunn, $0

Liberty Land Group LLC to L&L Property Investments, Franklin District, Subdivision Country Roads, $12,000

Hannah Joy Stiglitz to Qing Luo, Boykins Town, $20,000

Charles Stephen Whittemore to Theredoor LLC, Boykins Town, $60,000

Lisa T. Darden to Nottoway River Farm LLC, Capron District, 58 acres, $330,000

Mary Anna Bryant, record real estate affidavit for 2 parcels, 110 2B & 110 24, $0

Southampton County Industrial to Hunter Darden III, Southampton County, $0

Diane Marie Vanness to Kenneth Allen Edwards, Ivor Town, Lot 16, 1.808 acres, Pines of Ivor, $0

Scott T. Griffith to April L. Gilley, Trust Inst. #110002305, $0

Robert F. Marks to Sammy Davis, Inst. #050001810, $0

Cypress Cove Development LLC to C&P Isle of Wight Water Co., Inst. #140000351, $0