Region 1B Tennis Pre-Regional Qualifier held in Petersburg

Published 4:30 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2021


On 26 & 27 May the Franklin High School boy’s tennis team returned to the Petersburg County Club to participate in the Region 1B Pre-Regional Qualifier Playoffs. The Broncos were joined by tennis teams from the Appomattox Regional Governors School (Petersburg) & Riverheads High School (Augusta County).

On May 26 the three teams played a round robin with each team playing each other in singles and doubles. The overall winner of the team playoffs was ARGS. 

The No. 1 player(s) of each team for singles & doubles returned on May 27 to play again another round robin. The winners for the singles play were, first place, Caleb Ernsk (Riverheads), second place, Knox Butler (ARGS) and third place, Xavier Perry (Franklin). For doubles the winners were, first place, Xavion and Xavier Perry (Franklin), second place, Knox Butler and Liam Gordon, (ARGS) and third place, Caleb Ernst and Will Hanger (Riverheads)

All winners in the pre-regional qualifier will advance to the regional playoffs at Spotswood High School at Penn Laird.