Moving forward

Published 11:39 am Friday, May 14, 2021

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To the Editor:

There is no denying that we live in a world full of bad things, but what we also have to remember is that there are so many, if not more, good things that are happening as well. Let’s start focusing on those good things so much that positivity begins to spread like an uncontrollable wildfire.

Let’s spread love, promote peace and celebrate life to the fullest, but let’s do it together. The more we begin to work together, the stronger we will start to become and the stronger we become, the less we will tend to focus on the negativity of the world. Moving forward, let’s concentrate on changing for the better and community success.

Each one of us holds a key to the door that leads to positive change and community success and the time to use those keys is now.

Future individual success, as well as community success as a whole, depends on the choices that we make today. Choose wisely today and reap the reward tomorrow.

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Kashif Carter

Changing the Narrative

Kashif Carter is one of the founders of Changing the Narrative. He can be reached at 757-346-8360 or via email at