Act of kindness

Published 10:26 pm Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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On April 16, I went to lunch at George’s Restaurant in Suffolk with a friend.

While we were enjoying our meal together, I was slightly aware of a few men who appeared to be on their work lunch break, enjoying each other’s company with laughter.

When it was time for my friend and me to leave, the waitress came over and said, “that man took care of your lunch.” It was so unexpected, I wasn’t sure I heard her correctly, and she repeated, “that man bought your lunches.” I couldn’t believe that I was the recipient of random kindness. I went up to the man and we shook hands (masks on, of course). It was such a kind, thoughtful and joyous thing for him to do, buying lunch for two strangers. In this time of overwhelming bad news and interpersonal conflict, it was so refreshing to get a booster shot of happiness. His smile was so authentic.

Thanks for lunch!

Alycia Knowlton