Frustrated about direction of country

Published 8:50 pm Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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Since the inauguration of President Biden, I have never been as frustrated and concerned about the direction our great country is headed. In my opinion, he is not the sole problem, but also the millions of people that think like him. Even more so are those who blindly follow partisan lines. I have so much I feel like saying but it would end up a rambling mess, so I’ll try to concisely express my thoughts with three focused concerns.

Executive Orders

I don’t feel that any president should be able to pass an unlimited number of EO’s. Trump tried to undo everything Obama did and now Biden has tried to undo everything Trump did. We are just spinning our wheels as a country, falling backwards instead of progressing forward. In the process, we are wasting years, billions of dollars, and jobs. Sure there are times a president must use EO’s when Congress is deadlocked and stubborn, but to use it as a means to run the country is just ridiculous. Set a limit!


Nancy Pelosi stated on a recent Sunday AM news show that they had inherited a mess at the border. This is nonsense. It took Trump four years to get border crossing to a manageable point. After a couple EO’s from Biden the real mess is just beginning. Just take a look at the immigration response that occurred immediately after President Biden’s response. It will only get worse.

Election Procedure

I don’t believe for a second the election was stolen from Trump, but I do believe there are voting irregularities all over, probably in every state. If Democrats get their way in loosening election restrictions, this past election will probably be the most secure election we will see in our lifetime. I cannot fathom how a more secure election equates to voter suppression. To me, it’s pretty simple, picture ID, in-person voting, and only predetermined, valid excuses for absentee voting. It may also help to extend voting days to 2 or 3 before the election to ease crowding at the polls. Granted there seems to be a few states that have been successful with mail in voting, but it’s hard to determine if this is a secure process!

In closing, I’ll pray our country will find a true statesman to lead us in a true capitalistic democracy and stop heading down path of socialism! We, as Americans, need to remember politicians work for us!

JERRY BRADSHAW is a resident of Southampton County. He retired from International Paper after 41 years of service.