NAACP, Hayden Village organize vaccinations

Published 7:08 pm Thursday, March 11, 2021

Three-hundred residents get first part of protection


moderna covid-19 vaccine at hayden village

Pete Xinos didn’t flinch as Patricia Pitts injects the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine into his left arm. Stephen H. Cowles | The Tidewater News

A couple of weeks ago, 300 Franklin residents were able to receive the first of their Moderna COVID-19 vaccines; the second dosage will be given on March 27. The event was made possible with the partnership of the Franklin Southampton NAACP, Hayden Village and the Western Tidewater Health District.

The event was in the gymnasium of the renovated high school on Oak Street.

Gwen Blue of the NAACP said everyone was ready and able to start early, and by 10:50 a.m. had probably served more than 150 people.

Among those getting their protection were Lois King (“It was just a little pinch”) and Jerrod King (“I didn’t feel it). Debbie Ramierez, RN, was the person administering their shots. Ramierez said she was thankful for all the other volunteers at the site who have been working tirelessly.

As Patricia Pitts put the needle in Pete Xino’s left shoulder, he didn’t so much as flinch. He found out about the event through his daughter.

After each person received their shot, he or she would sit in chairs measured out apart from one another. They waited to see if there might be any immediate reaction.

Helen Jones was calmly seated as she talked about her experience with the pandemic.

“My cousin and brothers were all affected, but not as sick as other people. I thank God I haven’t been affected [with sickness]. People have really got to stay up on getting their vaccinations. There are so many things this pandemic could stop. I feel blessed.”