A response to supervisor’s letter

Published 11:38 am Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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To the Editor:

In his recent pro-gun column (“An Open Letter to Virginia’s General Assembly,” Feb. 17, 2021), Christopher Cornwell was wrong about several things, the first being how many of us disagree with him. Perhaps he doesn’t read any paper but the TN, but a significant majority of Virginia citizens — in numbers ranging from 86% to 57% — do indeed want more stringent gun regulations. However, none of these proposed changes includes coming to take anyone’s gun(s). For example, they increase background checks, and they make it easier to temporarily make it a lot harder for persons under a protective order to shoot their spouse.

I grew up in Southampton County and hunted with a gun there, and I carried and used guns when I was in the infantry. I am not anti-gun per se. I am against knee-jerk responses to any suggestion that affects guns, against someone who doesn’t want to make it harder for fanatics and nutcases and the enraged to have a gun. I imagine that Mr. Cornwell is a perfectly adequate supervisor; but someone who merely quotes NRA punchlines can’t be doing a lot of thinking.


Kenneth Bradford