Franklin adopts ‘no trucks’ ordinance

Published 8:20 pm Monday, January 25, 2021

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Franklin’s City Council voted unanimously Jan. 25 to enact a “no trucks” ordinance, intended to keep tractor-trailers out of the downtown area unless making a delivery.

According to a memorandum from Franklin Police Chief Steve Patterson to City Manager Amanda Jarratt, the FPD received numerous complaints about trucks coming down Clay Street, Lee Street and High Street in 2020 via the Route 58 Business route.

“This has been observed personally by me and it appears the trucks are cutting through these residential areas to get from Route 258 back over to 58,” Patterson said. “Whereas now we have to follow a truck from one end of the city to the other to enforce a no through truck ordinance, if we delineate these streets as ‘No Trucks’ we can stop them and determine whether they are making a delivery or not.”

Per the ordinance, the sections of Clay Street from North College Drive through West Fourth Avenue would become a “no trucks” zone, as would the sections of North High Street from Fairview Drive through South High Street.

Per Patterson’s recommendation, all trucks entering the city from Isle of Wight County via the bridge over the Blackwater River will need to make a left on South Mechanic Street, right on Elm Street and another left onto South Main Street. From there, it’s another right down South Street and left on Pretlow Street to get on U.S. Route 58.

Trucks coming from North High Street would make a right at Southampton Memorial Hospital onto Fairview Drive, then a left onto Hunterdale Road. From there, they and any trucks entering the city from Hunterdale Road could get to the highway by turning right onto Clay Street or taking North College Drive to either Armory Drive or to South Street.

Trucks coming in from Armory Drive would have to turn north or south onto College Drive or stay on Route 58 to get to Route 258 to Smithfield.

The ordinance does not apply to any vehicle owned, operated or controlled by any fire, rescue or governmental agency.