Adult education student earns GED certificate

Published 4:14 pm Monday, December 7, 2020


Lordnette Jefferson-Long

Lordnette Jefferson-Long, one of Franklin City Public Schools’ adult education students, completed her GED certificate on Dec. 2.

FCPS’s In-School Adult Education Program (ISAEP) allows her to graduate with Franklin High School in June 2021, along with receiving a copy of her GED certificate. Long’s accomplishment also counts toward FHS’s 2021 graduation statistics.

“This process took a lot of hard work and self-control,” Long said. “Though this accomplishment wasn’t easy, the constant motivation from my teacher and my loved ones reminded me to keep pushing and don’t stop until the race was done. Many obstacles came my way, but I persevered and made sure I did not become stagnant or complacent in my studies.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Virginia,  Long said she became discouraged and thought her goal of completing her GED certificate by the end of the year would never happen. But her family and church congregation continued to encourage her and motivated her to not give up and to continue studying.

Long said her teacher, Adult and Continuing Education Program Manager Frieda Idisi-Cole, continued to remind her to rest, refocus, and not to give up. She explained to her that setbacks prepare us for a greater comeback.

“I continued to reflect on those words of encouragement and support from those who truly cared about me. I pushed forward and obtained my GED. I can’t stop smiling!” Long said. “Today I am proud to say that I am a Franklin City Public School GED Graduate 2020!”

Long has no plans of stopping her educational journey now. She recently completed an application for the Pharmacy Tech program at Tidewater Community College.

“From the first day I entered Mrs. Idisi-Cole’s classroom, she said, ‘You are your greatest asset. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything!’ That’s just what I have done…believed in myself!” Long said.

Idisi-Cole said, “I am so proud of Lordnette. Her success is no accident. It is a result of her preparation, studying, sacrifices, hard work, and learning from her challenges, and even failures.”