Meherrin Elementary scores with golfers’ donation

Published 7:26 am Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Meherrin Elementary School is the recipient of the Newsoms Golf Association’s generosity this year. On Nov. 13, six NGA members brought a $2,000 check to the school, which was presented to Principal Susan Fowler. In accepting the gift, she was accompanied by Sharon Davis, a fifth grade teacher, and Barbara Blowe, a first grade teacher.

Fowler said that when the Meherrin Eagles finally get to return to the classrooms, there’ll be supplies waiting at their work stations bought with the contribution. She added that if there’s money left over, that will be used to buy gym equipment recommended by Coach Eric Benton.

Making donations to the Newsoms community is a regular part of the NGA’s largesse. Pete Fowler, a member, said the organization has given a total of $5,700. In the 2018, the Newsoms Athletic Association received $1,700, which was used to buy a set of stadium bleachers. Last year, $2,000 was presented to the NAA for the same purpose.

Fowler, who initially helped start the NGA, has said in the past that money comes from tournament fees, auction items and that each player donates about $10 per tournament.

The group started out with 33 members, grew to 66 by 2019; there were 61 who played this year.

The NGA members played at the following courses; winners are listed parenthetically:

Beechwood Country Club (Larry Dunn)

Cypress Cove Country Club (Jay Williams)

Sleepy Hole Golf Course (Ken “Pooky” Francis)

Valley Pine Country Club (Henry Fowler)

Dunn, it should be added, is the overall champion for 2020. He said he’s been playing for about 10 years. In addition to having golfed in high school, he took the game back up about five years ago. The recent competition, said Dunn, was “really tight” and that he had some luck on his side in winning the championship.

Top 10 Finishers (includes teams): Larry Dunn; Ken “Pooky” Francis; Clete Lassiter; Jay Williams; Pete Fowler, Tom Riddick, Jim Williams, Mason Wright; Jayson Williams, J.E. Dilday, Henry Fowler, Josh Williams; James Cooke, Garnett Cleaton, J.T. Belcher, Sion Carr; Mark Wright, Todd Foster, Brent Edwards; James Williams, Steve Williams, Joey Bolam, Randy Vann; and Brian Rountree, Bryce Simms.

Top 3 Low Rounds at each course:

Beechwood — J.E. Dilday, 79; Bryce Simms, 79; Jonathan “Boozie” Bolton, 81

Cypress Cove — J.T. Belcher, 71; Pete Fowler, 74; Sanford Belcher, 74

Sleepy Hole — Andrew Brown, 76; J.E. Dilday, 76; Sanford Belcher, 78

Valley Pine — Hunter Rountree, 77; Pete Fowler, 80; Clete Lassiter, 80