Yes, your vote counts

Published 11:49 am Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Unless you’ve found a way to block out media from your life — except us, of course — likely you’ve heard there’s going to be an election on Nov. 3. In fact, there will be more than just a matter of choosing the president for the next four years. In Southampton County, a couple of towns will pick new council members. There’s also two state amendments and, where districts are applicable, representatives for U.S. representatives and senators. Similar scenarios are playing across the country.

In other words, next Tuesday will be again be a very important day for Western Tidewater, Virginians and U.S. citizens everywhere.

We commend all have already voted early as a way to minimize risk of infection from the novel coronavirus. We urge those of you who show up in person to follow the polls’ guidelines for safety, and please remember to maintain courtesy.

Our hope is that regardless of your political affiliation, that you’ll make it a point to cast your ballot.

Voting matters more than most people realize. It’s what makes us Americans.