The coming election – VI

Published 6:30 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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To the Editor:

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. This is the most important election in 150-plus years. What direction is our country going? Can we stay a Democratic Republic based on individual freedom? Will we remain the shining city on the hill that the rest of the world dreams of?

What is important to you? I am a Vietnam veteran. I have been married to my wife Anita for 46 years. The Lord blessed us with three children and nine grandchildren. The youngest being born Oct. 5. We have been blessed to live in the greatest country the world has ever seen.

What are our children and grandchildren inheriting? Have we become a country so scared of a virus that we will stay completely locked down until the most dynamic economy in the world is destroyed, or will we demand our vulnerable population be protected so the majority can go back to work and our children can be back in school where they belong.

Will we abandon our principles and the rule of law as described in our Constitution and Bill of Rights to become, God forbid, a socialist/Marxist state. Our country and our God-given rights are on the line.

Please vote like the lives of your children and grandchildren depends on it. It does!

J.W. Ballard