Biden represents existential threat to freedom, liberties

Published 1:32 pm Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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By Ash Cutchin

Your guidelines suggest we write about issues. It is difficult to discuss or write about issues without mentioning individuals, but I will try. The issues at hand in this essay are truth and honesty. I have seen Biden-Harris posters, which read “Truth over Lies,” when in fact what Joe Biden said in Iowa was “We choose truth over facts.” A vote for this man who has been anti-Black for most of his life and whose mentor in the Senate was West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd of KKK fame, and who seldom speaks the truth is not simply a vote for Biden. It is a vote to alter many of the “truths we hold self evident.”

At issue is that a vote for Biden is a vote for Democrat extremists such as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to be in charge of our environment and Beto O’Rourke to be in charge of Homeland Security or Ilhan Omar (avowed hater of Israel and all Jews) to be our next Secretary of State and Bernie Sanders to be Secretary of the Treasury or Commerce. If given a chance Biden would probably nominate Michelle Obama for the Supreme Court. These are individuals, yes, but at issue is the fact that they represent an existential threat to our freedom and liberties. Most would not recognize the truth if it hit them squarely in the face.

I have seen several videos this year about Biden. Some of these videos are from television news shows (long before Fox News even existed) about Biden plagiarizing other people’s speeches numerous times in the past, yet he claims to choose truth over lies. He was given an “F” in a college course because of his plagiarism and had to retake the course. Biden has also lied about his academic accomplishments (claiming to have three undergraduate degrees) lied about his law school standing (claiming to be in the top half of his class when he was actually number 76 out of 85 law graduates). He is also on video bragging about how he blackmailed Ukrainian officials in order to release a billion dollars of U.S. funds to them. Other videos show his angry rage at campaign stops when he is asked questions about some of his prior statements … questions he does not want to answer or clarify. He does not speak the truth about China. He says, “A rising China is a positive, positive development,” and “China is not competition for us,” and “China is not our enemy, come on, man!” If you have been paying attention you know these statements are not truthful and you have watched as he and his family have seen the world as a gigantic business opportunity. He is, quite simply, as much of a liar and a hypocrite as any other politician in Washington.

If he wins, Biden will be hoodwinked, badgered, pressured and cajoled into doing the bidding of numerous far-left liberals both in Congress and elsewhere, many who are shadowy figures behind the scenes. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez (who first endorsed Socialist Bernie Sanders) says “… we can push Biden in a more progressive direction.” As an issue the truth is that they would defund the police, they support abortion right up to delivery, they want to eliminate our Second Amendment rights to bear arms, they want open borders, and they advocate many privileges such as free college, free medical care, and voting rights for illegal immigrants (who they call undocumented workers) and dozens of other extreme socialist ideas, including eliminating many of the things which have made this country great. They want to eliminate the Electoral College, which would mean that New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Oregon and Washington, with huge leftist populations, would elect all future presidents. They mock our culture, our patriotism and our Christian values. They want to give their supporters more “free stuff” paid for, of course, by U.S. taxpayers. Biden says he will raise taxes on people making more than $400,000, yet he also says he will repeal the Trump tax bill, which essentially raises taxes on all who pay taxes. When asked specific questions about these issues, and others such as adding more Supreme Court Justices, even at debates, they usually hedge or deny or outright refuse to answer.

Donald Trump says he has done more for Americans in four years than Biden did in eight years. He is right. Biden should simply go home and enjoy retirement as I do.

ASH CUTCHIN graduated from The College of William and Mary in 1963. He is a Vietnam veteran and a retired international airline pilot, He is a charter member of Citizens for Responsible Government and chairman of the Southampton County Industrial Development Authority. Contact him at