Southampton County Land Transfers – September

Published 5:27 pm Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton County Circuit Court for the month of September:

Duane M. Rupp to Walter A. Castine Sr., Franklin City, Lot 1, Section 1, Joyner Farm, $244,900

Greenfield Homes Corp. to Marina C. Drake, Franklin City, Lot 35, Joyner Farm, Section 2, $235,900

Elwood T. Lewis Sr. to Monica L. Spiering, Franklin City, Lot 117, West End, $224,900

Everstar Income & Value Fund V to NS Retail Holdings LLC, Franklin City, 109 College Drive, $0

Bronco Federal Credit Union to 305 Clay Street Industries, Franklin City, 305 Clay Street, $63,000

CAO Investments LLC to DeAngela Cooper, Franklin City, Lot 19, $42,000

James W. Hart to Carlos G. Farfan, Franklin City, 0.80 acres, $215,000

Everstar Income & Value Fund V to NS Retail Holdings LLC, Franklin City, 109 College Drive, $0

Stephen Russo, record list of heirs, $0

Rudolph D. Skinner Jr. to Curtis Junior Boone, Franklin City, 607 Walnut Street, $100,000

Maurice Young to Katina Y. Williams, Franklin City, Lot 47, Section 2, Holliknol, $315,000

Ashley Cotton Covington to Thomas Bradley Williford, Franklin City, $215,000

Thomas Bradley Williford to Thomas Bradley Williford, Franklin City, $0

Jason Floyd Brinkley to Jason Floyd Brinkley, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Bernard E. Rook to Katherine J. Bolin, Franklin District, $182,000

James L. Anderson to Donna D. Taylor, Newsoms District, 5.000 acres, Sunbeam Road, $229,000

Kenneth H. Marks Jr. to Kenneth H. Marks Jr., Drewryville District, $0

Towne Development Corp. to Bailie Fraley, Jerusalem District, Sand Creek Subdivision, Lot 96, 0.98 acres, $269,900

Keisha L. Thomas to Drew Lee Thomas, Capron District, 29.920 acres, $87,000

Curtis W. Ross to Robert John Williams, Newsoms District, $120,000

Queen E. Bryant to Dwight L. Cannon Jr., Berlin Ivor District, Plat Last Page, $0

W. Trent Fox to Two CF LLC, Capron District, Plat Book 37, Page 78 & 79, $35,000

Sedric F. Lowe to Saron L. Gray, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Resco Farms LLC to Nancy Faison, Berlin Ivor District, $389,600

Nancy Faison to Nancy Faison, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Dorothy M. Jones to Deborah Ridley, Capron District, $0

Dorothy M. Jones to Deborah Ridley, Southampton County, $0

BRD Builders LLC to John S. Petroskey, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 4, $19,000

John Earl Brady to HIS Homes LLC, Franklin District, Lot 47, Edgehill, Section 3, $90,000

Betty P. Beale to Betty P. Beale, Berlin Ivor District, 2 parcels, $0

Nationwide Community Revitalization to Rickie Lopez Boone, $99,900

William Nick Kitchen III to Mary Elizabeth Kitchen, Southampton County, Lot 1, $0

William Nick Kitchen III to Robin Kitchen Johnson, Capron District, 2 tracts, $0

Richard T. Simms to Joseph E. Carter, Berlin Ivor District, $30,000

Janie Young to Ashley N. Brooks, Courtland Town, $20,000

Susan Oglesby Phelps, qualify co-executors, $0

Eric V. Neder to Jesse R. Jennings, Capron District, Lot 6, Vincents Grove Subdivision, $280,000

Rufus J. Mason to Joshua Rubin, Franklin District, Route 258, 4.419 acres, Parcel 1, $285,000

Alice S. Samuels, record certified copy of will, $0

Ivor Enterprise LLC to Todds K9 Training LLC, Ivor Town, $85,000

Mary A. Kirkland to Kristopher R. Demsko, Jerusalem District, $198,100

Jonathan D. Bowen to Samuel Thomas Bagnall, Sedley Village, 2 parcels, $22,500

Fannie Spain Bristow, record will & appoint executor, $0

Steves Farm LLC to William T. Edwards, Newsoms District, $250,000

Fannie Mae to Trina Marie Bullock, Boykins District, $49,000

Patricia Ann Draper, appoint administrator, $0

Phyllis Gray Blythe to Jimmy Drew Holt, Trust Inst. #200001951, $0

Thomas H. Gray, record list of heirs, $0

Dennis R. Whitby to Wyatt T. Whitby, Drewryville District, Lots 1 & 2, $0

L.F. Draper Jr. to Lucian F. Draper Jr., Boykins District, multiple parcels, $0

Angel G. Whisenant to Thomas Gray III, Berlin Ivor District, 1.46 acres, $0

Timbervest Partners III Virginia to Bruce S. Phillips, Drewryville District, $370,000

Timothy R. Stephenson to James D. Burgess, Southampton County, Lot 16, Dardens Mill Estates, $430,000

Parsons Homes Inc. to Justin S. Stockman, Ivor Town, Lot 22, Pines of Ivor, $169,800

AMAC Leasing LLC to Curtis Contracting Inc., Berlin Ivor District, $0

JJ Peanut Company to Virginia Electric and Power Company, $0

Sylvia P. Edwards to Gene Andrew Edwards Jr., Boykins Town and District, 5 parcels, $0

Deutsche Bank Trust Company to Cool Cats and Kittens 2 LLC, Newsoms Town, 22562 East Depot Street, Inst. $190002715, $15,080

Wilson Clinton Ricks to Michael E. Winkles, Sedley Village, $139,000

Sunshine S. Gizara to Sunshine S. Gizara, Franklin District, Tract 7A, 13.563 acres, Sec Oner Marle Hill Farm, $0

Stephanie S. Forrest to Justin R. Forrest, Franklin District, 31185 Cypress Woods Trail, $0

Gloria B. Vick to John C. Riddick, Newsoms District, Plat Book 37, Page 80, $0

Christ L. Erbe to Andrew DeWitt, Courtland Town, Lot 32, Shands Estates, Section 2 addition, $166,000

Shane A. Hartless to Leslee Umphlett, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 3, 11.212 acres, $240,000

Brenda Hacker to John F. McClelland IV, Capron District, Lot 1, 1.05 acres, $124,700

Ivor Storage LLC to Ivor Self Storage LLC, Berlin Ivor District, $625,000

Fred D. Galloway Sr. to Shawn R. Galloway, Franklin District, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Clearview Homes VA LLC, Capron District, $49,000

Andrew DeWitt to Andrew DeWitt, Courtland Town, Lot 32, Shands Estates, Section 2, $0

Equity Trustees LLC to Cilici LLC, Deed Book 416, Page 2185, $22,000

Arden W. Jones Jr. to Blunt Branch Timber LLC, Southampton County, $194,000

MT Real Estate Properties LLC to Trudy L. Baker Duncan, Boykins Town, $74,900

Johnel R. Blow, probate will only, $0

Blackwater Investment Group to Jamioe Entwistle, Jerusalem District, 26461 Pine Haven Road, $192,000

Sammy Boyce Bruno, $0

Valery N. Douglas to David C. Jerrell Jr., Boykins Town, $242,000

Kathy Marks Darden, appoint administrator, $0

Fannie Mae to Michael Sandgren, Berlin Ivor District, Inst. #190002476, $111,500

Bryan S. Johnson to Shea D. Johnson, Newsoms District, $0

Pattie Camp Forbes to Shawn Battle, Franklin District, Lot 7, Section 1, Edgehill, $19,000

Larry D. Spivey to Richard G. Garner Jr., Franklin District, $305,000

Marjorie M. Smith, record copy of exemplified will and probate, $0

Myrtle Ann Foster to William C. Monts De Oca, Franklin District, $195,000

Joseph T. Everett to Joseph Floyd, Capron Town, 2 parcels, $165,000

Walter Lewis Wells Sr. to Walter L. Wells Jr., Capron District, Lot 12, Vincents Grove Subdivision, 1.317 acres, $0

Walter L. Wells to Anthony D. Green, Capron District, 2 parcels, $0