Learn however you can

Published 1:00 pm Friday, September 18, 2020

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

As you will see on B1, we were able to get many photos of students ready for their first day of school in Western Tidewater. Let we forget, our sincere thanks to all who sent the images in response to our call on the paper’s Facebook page. Likely, we’ll put in some more next week because space didn’t permit to publish all at once.

One thing that’s quickly evident in the pictures is how excited the children appear at the idea of going to school be it virtually or, in some cases, in person. We hope that enthusiasm never wanes.

We encourage parents to use these nine weeks of virtual or even blended learning as a way to become more involved with their children’s education. Learning is not limited to a laptop. For example, seek out actual books for reading that can enhance what’s just been taught.

That said, we had already recognized Franklin and Southampton County public school systems for their decision to go virtual this year. They have been putting the safety of their faculty and students first and foremost. We must also acknowledge that it’s been a challenge for all concerned. Balancing schedules is probably akin to juggling or spinning plates — exhausting.

Patience on everybody’s part is urged, and school divisions should also respond as quickly and efficiently as possible to making corrections to shortcomings that arise.