Community reaps when you ‘Keep it local’

Published 5:03 pm Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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By Jay Brenchick


Franklin Southampton Economic Development Inc. (FSEDI) declared the month of September as our localities’ ‘un-official’ Business Appreciation Month. Usually celebrated nationwide each May, the majority of the country’s festivities were put on pause due to the pandemic. These past six months have tested local small business owners’ resiliency and steadfastness in unparalleled capacities; therefore, our office could think of no better time to elevate our beloved home-town companies.

We are certain you’ve heard, especially around the holidays, the significant community impact your ‘dollar’ creates when you spend your money locally. How does that break down in a tangible capability? In the United States, an average of two-thirds of every dollar ($0.67) spent at a small business stays in that local community and small businesses employ 47.3 percent of the employees in the private sector. That means shopping small could help bring things like better schools, smoother roads, and new jobs to neighborhoods across the country. Most of our local businesses have experienced weighty operational disruptions, from furloughing employees to experiencing significant dips in monthly sales. Think about the community impact before you click ‘purchase’ from that big online retailer or drive outside of our city/county limits for an everyday service.

Join us in celebrating our incredible small business owners by ‘Keeping It Local.’

JAY BRENCHICK is president and CEO of the FSEDI. Contact him at