Published 7:51 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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To the Editor:

Earlier in my life I had the opportunity to live and work in Russia. The time period was not long after the fall of the Soviet Union and the country was in an economic abyss. Speaking with my Russian colleagues I mentioned something I had seen in a newspaper named “Pravda,” which means “True.”

They acted surprised that I read the news and believed what was said. They told me, “no one believes the news, it’s government propaganda.” I was told these media outlets push the government narrative though everyone knows the real truth. I thought how sad it was to live in that situation and how lucky we were back home to have reliable news.

Fast forward to today and it seems that our mainstream media could be easily substituted for “Pravda.” The Tidewater News does a good job reporting the news without a slant. There are columnists from either side of the aisle presenting their views though the paper remains on point with the facts. I cannot say the same for our other local or national media outlets whether newspapers or television news. They are pushing a narrative, though like I was told by my Russian colleagues many years ago we all know the real truth.

Jonathan Varnell

Elm City, North Carolina

Native of Southampton County