Those who want monument moved should pay

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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Mayor and council members:

I’m writing in concern of the moving the monument. I would like for it to stay at the park where it’s been for a long time. The few people that want it moved probably have never seen the monument other than riding by. If you see your way to move the monument let these few people that want it moved, pay the total expense.

I don’t want the city to spend one penny to move it.

Michael Bradshaw spoke at the meeting at the college workshop about trying to get help from the city to help with the expenses with little league and the city didn’t have the money to help. A shame. And the city does not have the money to spend on this useless endeavor. Stand your ground and make them pay for it and I guarantee you will not hear another word from them.

If some of you businessmen feel you will get some repercussion from this and hurt your business then you shouldn’t be on the city council in the first place because your constituents come first.


Johnny Avent