Southampton County Land Transfers – June 2020

Published 4:25 pm Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in June:

Sandra Toler to Timothy R. Cavanaugh Revocable, Franklin City, Lot 6, Section 4, Quail Ridge, $230,000

Vann Realty LLC to Robert Lee Cutchins II, Franklin City, 3.401 acres, $300,000

William L. Holt to Suzanne Wallace, Franklin City and Southampton County, 27.50 acres, Pretlow St. & Southampton Pkwy., $335,000

Dejaun Thompson to J. Nicholas, Franklin City, $47,000

Ralph Gainey to Shawn Thomas Hunt Sr., Franklin City, Lots 9 & 10, Blk. 9, PRCamp Dairy Farm Subdivision 2, $70,000

Willie King Jr., qualify for suit purpose, $0

Caludia J. Williams to Kisa L. Dean, Franklin City, $42,600

DW Franklin LLC to B. Cook Rentals LLC, Franklin City, $25,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Steven Warren Johnson, Franklin City, Regency Estates, Lot 36, Section 4, $245,200.

Charlene Logan Britt to Nakisha Logan, Franklin City, $0

Kevin R. McCormack to Robert E. Copeland, Jerusalem District, 0.98 acres, $272,000

Aaron M. Frketich to Scott D. Campbell, Franklin District, 22.53 acres, Southampton Parkway, $55,000

Leslie M. Stephenson Jr. to MPI Properties LLC, Franklin District, Lot 7, Nottoway Gardens, Section 2, $54,900

Gilbert Cephas Brittle, record copy of will from Caroline County, $0

Damiam P. Dwyer to Keron Adams, Franklin District, 2 parcels, $223,000

Charles B. Johnson to Johnson Timber Co. LLC, Boykins District, 2 parcels, $0

Kenneth Earl Francis Jr. to Justin S. Hermann, Boykins District, 2 parcels, $300,000

Carole B. Rountree to Kenneth L. Stallard, Berlin Ivor District, $165,500

Fannie Mae; aka By AIF to Sean Taylor, Branchville town, 15272 Whitehead Road, Inst. #180001931, $111,735

Dennis R. Tilson to William D. Carr, Southampton County, Angelico Road, $34,900

Curtis Brent Gregory to Ronald Lee Wheeler, Trust Inst. #200000963, $0

Alton Darden to Helping Hands Club, Southampton County, 2 parcels, $0

Timbervest Partners III Virginia to Terry Barber, Drewryville District, 143.1 acres, $258,000

Terry G. Barber to Maynard W. Grizzard, Drewryville District, 20.65+/- acres, Plat Book 37, Page 60- & 61, $40,000

Thurman D. Munford to Christopher E. Owney, Jerusalem District, Lot 4, 2.992 acres, $33,000

Narvie F. Britt Jr. to Douglas R. Vick, Berlin Ivor District, $123,000

Robert E. Chilldres to Tyler A. Mantay, Franklin District, $156,000

Jan S. Street to Edward Elmer Street, Boykins Town, 2 parcels, $0

Lillie S. Smith, to record death so property for chain of title, $0

Blackwater Investment Group to Joseph W. Rountree, Capron District, $94,000

Sharon S. Cobb to Beachin Britt Farm LLC, Boykins District, 2 parcels, $0

George Mason Grizzard, record copy of will from Henrico, $0

William B. Grizzard Jr. to Stanley T. Garris, Drewryville District, $420,000

Denise Bunn to Jack Council Bunn IV, Newsoms District, $160,000

Mary Farmer to Mary Farmer, Berlin Ivor District, Lot 4, Section 1, Church Crossing, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cedar Homes Investments LLC, Franklin District, Lot 35, Edgehill, Section 2, $50,000

Patricia Davis to Richard R. Whitehead, Jerusalem District, 1 acre, $9,000

Helena Barrett Sykes, appoint adminstrator, $0

Joseph Lee Sykes, record real estate affidavit, $0

William L. Holt to Suzanne Wallace, Franklin City and Southampton County, 27.50 acres, Pretlow St. & Southampton Pkwy., $335,000

Ronald C. Foreman to H. Frank Howard, Newsoms District, 2.00 acres, $0

Mildred Ethelyn McClenny, record will and appoint executor, $0

Maude Louise Conaway, probate will and appoint executor, $0

Naseer AAtif Farhan to Willie Lee Johnson, $0

Mildred Louise Ragland to Mildred Louise Hoskie, $0

Bernica Casper to Jonathan Casper, Branchville Town, $0

Dennis W. Darden to Dennis W. Darden, Boykins District, $0

Deborah Turner Parker to CRE Southampton LLC, Franklin District, $0

Carrie Bell Gatling Picot, record estate affidavit, $0

Calvin Taylor Davis, record copy of will, $0

Lois Anderson Davis, record copy of will, $0

Carl Williams to Travesha L. Simpson, $89,000

William A. Ensley Sr. to William A. Ensley Sr. Southampton County, $0

Mutie O. Chinn to John T. Randall, Berlin Ivor District, Parcel 3, 18-5/9 acres, $46,000

Kenneth Wayne Williams, probate will no appointment, $0

Amanda Alysa Ward to Lewis Panda Ward, $0

Janet Marie Ivey Ferrell, to Janet Marie Ivey Ferrell, Drewryville District, $0

Kenneth Alan Sterling Sr., record will and appoint, $0

Josephine Saunders, probate will not appt, $0

John David Barnes Jr, record real estate affidavit for 4 parcels, $0

Ruth DeBerry Trice to Elisha Barnes, Capron District, 16.799 acres, $51,600

Katherine Darden Beale, record certified copy of qualification papers recorded in Norfolk for proof of death, $0

Darden W. Jones Jr. to Clifford S. Fox, Capron District, 5 parcels, Plat Book 37, $520,000

Patricia Ann Donalds Williams, probate will and appoint executor, $0

Jacqueline Elnor Sledge Wyche to Jacqueline Elnora Wyche, $0

Guy C. Vance to Guy C. Vance, Drewryville District, $0

Gregory K. Nichols to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Clayton Homes, $0

Thomas M. Grizzard Jr. to Thomas M. Grizzard Jr. Boykins District, 3 parcels, $0

Towne Development Corp. to Leon Smith Sr., Jerusalem District, Lot 42, 0.97 acres, $264,500

Ernest L. Joyner to Joshua D. Crickenberger, Drewryville District, Tract 15, Patrick Henry Tract 10.724 acres, $139,900

Peter F. Copeland to Virginia Electrica and Power Company, Southampton County, $0

Mary Glenda Bridges to Michael David Ferguson, Franklin District, Lot 7, Walter M. Beale III Subdivision, $119,900

Richard E. Railey Jr. to Faamanu Tupea, Courtland Town, 1.194 acres, Plat Book 37, Page 64, $224,900

Mary Purviance Futrell, probate will only, $0

Luther R. Martin to Luther R. Martin, Southampton County, 2 parcels, $0

Charlie A. Davis to Charlie A. Davis, Capron District, $0

Morningside Properties LLC to Renee Jennings, Boykins Town, $45,000

Charles Ferguson Fuller Jr., probate will only, $0

Alton Dale Kirkland to Dillon Deloatch, Newsoms town, $0

Betty M. Whitley to Austin C. Magruder, Sedley Village, 17368 Johnsons Mill Road, $0

Patricia P. Woodbury to Patricia P. Woodbury, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Rose P. Galloway to Wendy Cross McCourry, Franklin District, Nottoway Gardens, Section 2, Lot 8, $22,000

Timothy D. Dalton to Timothy D. Dalton, Capron District, $0

Robert W. Bain to Robert W. Bain, Berlin Ivor District, 2 parcels, $0

Wilmer R. Pittman, Community Electric Cooperative, Capron District, $0

Henry F. Pittman to Town Point Mortgage Trust, Capron District, $0

Lee Bailey to Community Electric Cooperative, $0

John S. Petroskey Jr. to Community Electric Cooperative, $0

Willard M. Pierce to Community Electric Cooperative, $0

Ronald D. Sightler Jr. to Community Electric Cooperative, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Nottoway Farms LLC to Community Electric Cooperative, Capron District, $0

Gary A. Bardwell to Ricky D. Hamblin, Franklin District, $309,900

Jason C. Fowler to Hope Turner, Courtland Town, Lot 9A, 0.590 acres, $12,000

Alfred J. Marchand III to Champion Home Builders, Newsoms District, 29442 Three Bees Road, 6.705 acres, $0

Anna E. Carter to Prince R. Carter, Southampton County, 10 parcels, $0

Thomas M. Grizzard Jr. to Terry G. Tatum, Boykins District, 3 parcels, $0

John C. Schaffer to Schaffer Family Trust, Jerusalem District, 18387 Darden Scout Road, $0

Bruce B. Bon to Michael A. Bon, Inst. #200001045, $0

Linda Lucienne Jones to Charlie Long, Trust Inst. #140000873, Plat Book 37, Page 61, $0