Gade, Collick win in Republican primary

Published 1:30 pm Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Democratic voters want McEachin to run again


In Franklin, Southampton County and Isle of Wight County, as well as the rest of Virginia, Daniel M. Gade won the Republican primary on June 23. He is seeking to become a member of the U.S. Senate, and on Election Day, Nov. 3, will face off against Sen. Mark Warner, who’s aiming for a third term.

Daniel M. Gade

John W. Collick Jr. gets the opportunity to compete against Congressman Bobby Scott (D-3), the latter of whom is unopposed by other Democrats in his district, which includes the City of Franklin and Isle of Wight County.

Incumbent Congressman A. Donald McEachin of the 4th District, which includes Southampton County, won in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday. He’ll face off against Republican Leon Benjamin, who was reportedly picked by a non-primary method.

The Virginia Department of Elections posted the following elections results. These numbers are unofficial until voter registrars are able to confirm the numbers.

In Franklin, Gade had 248 votes (72.94 percent); in Southampton, 741 votes (83.54 percent); in Isle of Wight, 2,116 (76.01 percent); and in Virginia, 205,754 votes (67.40 percent) from all 2,581 precincts.

The other Republicans who ran against Gade were Alissa A. Baldwin (56,165 votes or 18.13 percent); and Thomas A. Speciale II (44,795 votes or 14.46 percent). Franklin gave 57 votes (16.76 percent) to Baldwin, and 35 (10.29 percent) to Speciale. Southampton gave 64 votes (7.22 percent) to Baldwin, and 82 votes (9.24 percent) to Speciale. Isle of Wight gave 348 votes (12.50 percent) to Baldwin, and 320 (11.49 percent) to Speciale.

John W. Collick Jr.

Overall, Virginians in the 207 precincts of the 3rd District gave Collick 8,972 votes (39.77 percent). But Franklin favored one of his two opponents, J.H. Madison Downs, with 181 votes (54.68 percent), followed by Collick with 94 votes (28.40 percent); George M. Yacus got 56 votes (16.92 percent). Isle of Wight gave Collick 1,252 votes (45.93 percent). Downs got 934 votes (34.26 percent) and Yacus received 540 votes (19.81 percent).

In Virginia’s 4th, McEachin had 45,094 votes (79.97 percent); Southampton County gave him 427 votes (88.41 percent). His challenger, R. Cazel Levine, had 11,293 votes (20.03 percent); Southampton gave him 56 votes (11.59 percent).

(Editor’s note: This version both corrects an earlier posting and updates figures from the Virginia Election Board website.)

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