Paper asked to show people wearing protective equipment

Published 5:03 pm Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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To the Editor:

I have just read a recent edition of The Tidewater News, and I feel rather dismayed by the number of people who were pictured in social situations who were not observing social distancing and/or were not wearing personal protective equipment. With the recent rise in coronavirus cases at a number of locations around the country it remains very important that we continue to follow the guidelines that have been established.

The main reason that I am writing to you is to request that The Tidewater News either refrain from photographing people who are not following the guidelines or ask those people to put on masks and other PPE before photographing them.

I believe that seeing people wearing their PPE would lead other people to follow the guidelines. On the other hand seeing people not wearing PPE or following social distancing could lead people to ignore the guidelines.

The pandemic is certainly not ended, and we need to do all we can to protect ourselves and others from this terrible disease.

Thank you for your consideration.

Paul L Leathers