Closing schools another year could be an option

Published 7:13 pm Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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To the Editor:

The article titled “Schools to Reopen in Phases” raises many concerns. I understand the importance of re-opening schools, however, I am skeptical of the potentially ominous repercussions of this choice.

With the guidelines Governor [Ralph] Northam has put into motion, only controversy will arise and very few real solutions will be offered to the problems that this pandemic presents. Recommendations to better address this virus consist of face coverings, reducing mingling in between classes, closing cafeterias and playgrounds, and spacing students out on the school bus and within their classes if permissible. The reopening of schools is understandable to ensure that students are receiving the best education.

However, elementary students in particular will find it harder to fulfill these precautions. Young children do not see the importance of social distancing or washing their hands frequently, and will struggle with wearing a mask for long periods of time. Schools may try to enforce these rules, however some students do not listen no matter the age. If you demand a high schooler to wear a mask or social distance, they are often determined to resist you.

Nonetheless, all students are coming in contact with all of the same objects therefore spreading germs throughout. It would be impossible to cleanse every surface touched immediately after each individual handles it. With that being said, keeping schools closed for another year may be detrimental to the education of many students, but it will be beneficial in the long haul of reducing the spread of COVID-19 further.

Sabyn Hartman