Bloodlines flow with blood-soaked truths of racism, white supremacy

Published 11:59 am Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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To the Editor:

Does the Nat Turner showcase inside the Southampton County clerk’s office bring balance to the confederate monument outside?

Should the Urquhart-Gillett Camp, SOCS include dialogue on the racism of its creation and its history of a white supremacy mindset within its ranks as it tells its narrative on its role in the county history?

Like R.E. Lee IV on June 4, 2020, spoke of his bloodline connection to the confederate statue in Richmond square, I too speak to my Urquhart bloodline connection to the Confederate statue and the Urquhart magistrate that sat on the judicial panel at the Nat Turner insurrection trial(s) here in the county.

Like Lee, I too will speak on the TRUTHS of our family history and how they shaped Virginia’s future and how we stand now on the front line to bring FULL narrative to the injustices of the past and corrective efforts of the future.

We cannot stand by and watch those who have hijacked history to serve their racial motives, persist in those half-truths and injustices.

Peace be unto all.

Frank M. Urquhart Jr.