Longwood student explains stress of online college

Published 4:47 pm Wednesday, May 27, 2020

By Amber Williams

[Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a 10-part series by Amber Williams.]


Cierra White, a Political Science major with minors in history, criminal justice and sociology is a freshman at Longwood University. Being a first-year student, White feels there is more stress associated with being away from school.

“As a freshman is it important to be able to seek help and additional resources for homework and other assignments,” she said.

White stated that Longwood University has done everything they possibly can to help the students. The professors extended their due dates for most of the assignments that were in March. The University is also giving the students the option to choose to change their course grading options to pass/fail instead of the normal A-F grading policy.

Having online classes has been an added stress for White.

“… I have to basically teach myself the information,” she said.

Many college students share this feeling. Even though professors and universities are trying their best to adjust to this difficult new learning process, the lack of face-to-face instruction does result in the feeling of teaching oneself.

Being at home adds to the complexity of completing online courses. White commented on this issue. “When [you’re] at school you can go to quiet study areas or the library to have less distractions so you can be focused on your school work.”

This luxury is not available at home and leads to students being exposed to all of the distractions associated with their home and family.

Longwood University has had two students that tested positive for the virus. White was on campus when the first case was reported.

“[It] was a very scary situation and a lot of uncertainty followed after this event. … no one knew if they had come in contact with the student,” she said.

White is now dealing with the fact that her hometown, Franklin, now has confirmed cases as well.

She said, “I just hope and pray that citizens will take the virus seriously.”

AMBER WILLIAMS is an intern for The Tidewater News. Contact her at Editor@TheTidewaterNews.com.