Southampton County Land Transfers – March 2020

Published 7:18 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in March:

H3 Properties LLC to Jerry R. Bryant, LOR 199 Meadowbrook Sub Div, Franklin City, $26,500

Franklin Redevelopment and Housing to Coho Investments LLCC, 1903 South St., Franklin City, $1,200,500

Habitat For Humanity of South Hampton Roads to Crowell Gap Investments LLC, Franklin City, 2 parcels, $36,000

Lisa Cannon to SOVA Home Buyers LLC, Franklin City, 2 parcels, Clay St., $24,000

Ralph Gainey to Cynthia B. Scott, Franklin, Lots 37 & 38 Block 5 P R Camp Dairy Farm, $2,900

Sarah Cooper Ricks to T&A Enterprise LLC, 310 Barrett Ave., Franklin, $6,000

Franklin Dean Pulley to Franklin Dean Pulley Revocable, 1.845 acres, 1105 Clay St., $0

Trustee Services of Virginia to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Trust Inst. #180001907, $117,040

Ida Louise Urquart, Probate will, $0

BJCM Enterprises LLC to James Hart Enterprises Inc., Franklin, Plat Book 37, Page 46, $0

Daniel A. Short Jr. to Daniel A. Short Jr., Franklin, $6,000

Andrew V. Eger to Cory D. Mazzola, Franklin, Lot 70 Subdiv., Holliknol, Section 2, $215,000

Joel Floyd Clingenpeel, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Victor M. Story to Franklin Broadcasting Corp., Franklin, Plat Book 37, Page 49, $135,000

Matthew D. Salvitti to Ryan C. Duke, Franklin, 1000 N. High St., $315,000

Irma E. Drewry to Jeffrey L. Kerschner, Franklin, Lot 37, Section 2, Holliknol, $219,999

Hope E. Turner to Chloe W. Lambert, Franklin, Lot 114 Holliknol, $170,000

Inspire Commercial LLC to ARD CGP LLCC, Franklin City, Armory Dr., 2 parcels, $1,000,000

David R. Ricks Jr. to Poseidon Development Group, Franklin City, 3 parcels, $12,000

Timothy Kubik to Anthony D. Cantrell, Franklin City, 113 Kings Lane, $305,000

Christina Renee Lewis to Verylessie Little, Franklin City, Lot 23 Block B, $42,700

Rebecca R. Gwaltney to Brenda Tolliver, Franklin City, Parcel 319C Clay Court Townhomes, $100,000

Brian E. Beachum to Brian E. Beachum, Franklin City, $0

H. Taylor Williams IV to Johnny Ray Osborne Jr., Franklin City, Lot 30 Section II Wynnwood, $324,900

Franklin L. Jester to Elizabeth Simmons, Franklin City, $115,000

Robert F. Kannan Jr., Record real estate affidavit for 2 parcels, $0

Peter Clayton Hyatt to Lamont J. Hill, Franklin City, Lot 35 Swan Estates, Section 2, $177,000

Nations Home Mortgage to World Alliance Financial Corp. Inst. #100002284, $0

Allen L. Wynne to Bryan Kent Edwards, Berlin Ivor Dist., Plat Book 37 Page 45, $278,500

William E. Rhodes to Russell S. Dunlow, Berlin Ivor Dist., Lot 2 Section 2 “Church Crossing, $379,000

Scott J. Byrd to Allen Lee Wynne, Drewryville Dist., 3 parcels, $284,300

Dung Nguyen to Katrice Everett, Franklin Dist., Lot 31, Sub Div of Country Road, $219,000

Daniel C. Whicker to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Southampton County, $0

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to Federal National Mortgage Associates, Trust Inst. #060004043, $290,212.60

David Earl Gray to Richard S. Gray, Berlin Ivor Dist., 2 parcels, $0

Rita Ann Zukauskas, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

John Kirk Okleshen to Susan W. Okleshen, Franklin Dist., Lot 32 Sub Div Country Roads, $0

John Houlihan to Tina M. Ingram, Newsoms Dist., 1.634 acres, $205,000

Christine Williams, Appoint administrator, CTA and record will, $0

Amy T. Barnes to Amy T. Barnes, Boykins Town, Elmwood Sub Div, Lot 15B & 16, 1.141 acres, $0

Samuel I White, PC to Bank of America, Trust Inst. #060005111, $69,368.36

Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLCC to Nationstar HECM Acquisition Tr, Capron Dist., 28170 Clarksbury Rd., $0

Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust to Lawrence E. Eckman, Capron Dist., 28170 Clarksbury Rd., $0

Robert R. Nance Jr. to Christopher John Nance, Drewryville Dist., 3 parcels, Franklin City, 1 parcel, $0

Equity Trustees LLC to American Advisors Group, Trust Inst., #160000774, $80,000

Homer Cagle to Mary Cagle, Sedley Village, Lot 9 Block 79, 30307 Oak Ave., $0

Trustee Services of Virginia to Current Home LLC, Trust Inst. #100002932, $152,001

William A. Peak to Everett Farms Inc., Drewryville Dist., 75 acres, $102,000

Goshen LLC to Coggins Farm LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist., 158.475 acres, $515,000

Jose O. Pagan to Seth Ranzy Main, Newsoms Dist., Lot 13 Sunbeam Rd., $244,000

Arthur Peet Jr., Record real estate affidavit, $0

Florence Livesay Edwards, Probate will, no qualification, $0

Charles B. Guynn Jr. to Gentom LLC, Franklin Dist., 8.709 acres, $976,031

Guynn Hauling LLC to Gentom LLC, Franklin Dist., 20.92 acres, Parcel A, $62,800

Kenneth W. Williams Jr. to Fulton B. Wright, Newsoms Dist., $199,500

Timothy M. Tuck to William Russell Everett, Newsoms Dist., $139,000

Tilda Marie Brisson Sutton to Birdsong Corp., Boykins Dist., $575,000

Joyce A. Baker to Courtesy Homes LLC, $29,000

Home Point Financial Corporation to Homes Bay Ray LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist., 4.405 acres, Section A Lot 1, $135,000

Vernon C. Taylor Jr. to Morris H. Glover, Boykins Dist., 1 parcel, $0

Ann S. Tiernan to Beale Farm LLC, Boykins Dist., 2 parcels, Branchville Town, 1 parcel, $0

Parsons Homes Inc. to William H. Whitehurst, Southampton County, Lot 29, 1.78 acres, Sub Div Bethel Farms, $12,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kevin Bradshaw, Franklin Dist., 32474 Hickory Circle, Inst. #1900002505, $65,100

Kenneth W. Williams Sr. to Fulton B. Wright, Newsoms Dist., $0

Chelsy Paige Dunn to Revy Paige Benson, $0

Lorenzo Ricks Sr. to Anthony Tyrell, Newsoms Dist., $134,800

ALG Trustees LLC to Midfirst Bank, Trust Inst. #3050004192, $500

WH and BJJ Inc. to William H. Howell III, Newsoms Dist., $6,314

WH and BJJ Inc. to William H. Howell III, Newsoms Dist., $34,634

WH and BJJ Inc. to William Stewart Howell III, Newsoms Dist., $6,148

WH and BJJ Inc. to William H. Howell III, Newsoms Dist., $72,300

Juanita B. Syndor to David W. White Jr., Franklin Dist., $10,000

Lula Mae Barnes to Gerald M. Barnes, Franklin Dist., 2 parcels, $0

Cynthia J. Edwards to Capstan Management LLC, Southampton County, $1,275

James R. Rawls to Sharnette Clark, Boykins Dist., $0

Stafford Woodard to Dennis Michael Woodard, Boykins Dist., $0

Adam B. Casey to Salvatore Michael Cannella, Boykins Dist., $170,000

Ronald L. Miller to Christy Boyce, Capron Dist., $25,000

Scott A. Flanders to Mark A. Chaisson Jr., Southampton County, Lot 63 Bethel Farms, $333,900

Bernice Carr Wilson, Record real estate affidavit for her interest parcels, $0

Jacob P. Hedgepeth to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Trust Inst., #070003728, $159,798.03

Megan K.H. Wilson to Brandi Deanna Albright, Franklin Dist., Lot 7 Camp Mfg Co., Joyner Tract, $191,900

Elizabeth Mason Young to Elizabeth Grace Mason, $0

William W. Worsham to Timothy E. McCormick, Berlin Ivor Dist., Plat Book 37 Page 50, $0

Abraham Lincoln to George Washington, $145,000

Joseph Bennett to Matthew R. McCune, Jerusalem Dist., Lot 2, 5.661 acres, $325,000\

Bonnie G. Tucker to Amanda L. Crumpler, Newsoms Dist., Lot 5, Section 1, Edwards Heights, $51,125

Towne Development Corp. to Kyle E. Fangmann, Jerusalem Dist., Lot 60, 0.92 acres, Sandy Creek, $249,900

Mark Landon Chitwood to Leroy Eaves, Berlin Ivor Dist., 5.00 acres, Parcel A, $293,500

Mark Landon Chitwood to Leroy Eaves, Berlin Ivor Dist., 15.0 acres, $50,000

Mortgage Equity Conv. Asset Tr. To Premier Investment Properties, Boykins Dist., 30010 Meherrin Rd., $57,100

Ressa H. Parker to Diane H. Bodenhamer Revocable, Franklin Dist., Lot 68, Section 2, Scottswood, $214,000

Benjamin A. Pope III to Walter Parham, Newsoms Dist., Lots 10 & 11, $25,000

John K. Mingloski to John K. Mingloski, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Saria Ebonie Mizell to Saria Ebonie Bowers, $0

Carolyn R. Franz to Chance W. Crowder, Newsoms Dist., $62,300

James P. Councill III to James Boyd, Newsoms Dist., 1.00 acres, Lot 3, $239,900

Mary Jo Lock to Southampton Real Estate LLC, Franklin Dist., 2 parcels, $350,000

Jane Doe to John Smith, $157,000

A. Meredith Felts Jr. to Brick Hill Properties LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist., Tax Map #13-13 for easement purposes only, $60,000