Plasma program an encouraging step

Published 6:14 pm Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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Bon Secours’ recent announcement that it’s participating in a treatment for COVID-19 gives us a lot of hope for other people who could become infected with the virus. After testing, individuals who have fully recovered from the illness donate their plasma, which is extracted during the collection process, all the while putting the red and white blood cells back into one’s body. The plasma contains the antibodies to the virus that can serve as a treatment. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that just one person’s plasma can help up to four COVID-19 patients.

Of course the American Red Cross ( ) as well as Bon Secours ( will be taking qualifying donations. You can also call the latter at 888-700-9011.

We urge anyone who has endured the coronavirus — and is able to donate their plasma — to do so in order to help future patients. As with giving blood, your contribution could be a lifesaver.